October 21, 2019

Best Automatic Cat Feeder Options

Automatic Cat Feeders

My cat, Antoinette, is a rescue. She tends to get anxious about little things, especially food. When her food bowl is empty she flips it upside down or drags it all over the place.

If I have to go out of town, my day is ruined trying to find someone I can trust enough to enter my apartment to feed her. An automatic feeder was the light at the end of my tunnel.

And here we are. I did my research, and here are my findings for the best 5 cat food dispensers.

Top 5: Auto Cat Feeder Machine Reviews

DOGNESS Automatic WiFi Dog/Cat Smart Camera Feeder - 6.5lbs Large Capacity App Control Food Dispenser with WiFi, Portion Control, Voice Recording,Timer Programmable (Grey)

This (DOGness Automatic WiFi Dog/Cat Smart Camera Feeder) is one of the very sophisticated versions of the regular cat food dispensers. It holds a little under 7 pounds of dry food. The owner needs to be sure that there is enough food in the dispenser for it to release it.

Otherwise, you can set up the dispenser by connecting it to your WiFi and downloading the app for it from the DOGNESS company. Then, you can program the machine by voice recording. In order for the unit to work, be sure that your network has a frequency of 2.4 Ghz.

It weighs just under 7 pounds and it can program a few meals per day. The lp camera allows you to see and speak to your pet. The unit comes in a choice of 5 different colors including Tiffany blue, blue/orange, pink, grey, and dark blue. The unit  comes with 24/7 customer service.


  • Easy to set up system using the DOGNess app.
  • You can see and interact with your pet using the lp camera.
  • Compact enough for a small apartment area.
  • Modern, top of the line unit.


  • Unit does not work with 5g networks
WOpet Automatic Cat Feeder, Pet Feeder Auto Dog Cat Feeder Stainless Steel Bowl,Portion Control & Voice Recording - Timer Programmable Up to 4 Meals a Day

This (WOpet Automatic Cat Feeder) is one of the top choices. After reading the features of this unit I wasn’t shocked at all that the ratings were so high. It offers the most features and yet its cost falls right in between the most and less expensive units.

It offers a ton of different things such as programmable meals (up to 4 per day) with portion control. This actually helps regulate feeding time, since you can keep the same schedule every day and get your cat used to it.

Your pet won’t feel anxious, like Antoinette, if you aren’t home on time, or if the bowl is empty.

Also, you can voice record a message for your pet when the food is dispensed, like “Here, Annie” or “Time to eat!” This unit does not need WiFi to operate, or an app to program the feeding. You can do everything right on the unit, which features a programmable LCD screen. The machine is both electric and battery operated, which is great, in case there’s a power outage. There is 24/7 customer service available for this product.


  • Can program meals to regulate your pet’s feeding time.
  • Both wall-powered and battery powered.
  • Great design and voice recording options for your pet to hear your voice.


  • No camera.
  • No remote settings.
TDYNASTY DESIGN Automatic Cat Feeder 6.5L Pet Dog Food Dispenser | Timed Programmable Auto Feeder for Kitten Puppy - Portion Control Up to 4 Meals/Day,Voice Recording,Battery and Plug-in Power

This (PetSafe Automatic Cat Feeder- 6.5L) is a very cool machine. It has everything you need, without getting on the fancy side of things. It has a huge container for dry food that holds up to 7 pounds of cat food, or a week’s worth. It has buttons for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also has a timer as well as voice recording for you to “call” your cat to eat.

It is electric powered as well as battery powered. I have always said that this is a plus because if the power goes out, I am not at home, and the food bowls are empty, my cat gets very antsy. The backup battery power is definitely a plus. Its design is quite chic, and you can choose from 4 different colors. The white option is cheaper than the other colors, and may cost you about $65 dollars.


  • Plug in and battery powered.
  • Elegant design.
  • Easy to program panel right on the unit.
  • Can program up to a week’s worth of food.
  • Can voice record up to 10 seconds for you to “call” your cat.


  • No camera, app, or Wifi (if this is something you really need).
PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed - Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder - Slow Feed Setting - Portion Control

When it comes to cat feeders, this (PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder) is the “Cadillac” version of them all. This amazing feeder schedules up to 12 meals, portioned from ⅛ cup to 4 cups.

It has four different feeding intervals: slow feed option for fast eaters who like to wolf down their food, the immediate feed option that dispenses snacks, and the pause option, which holds off dispensing without messing up the original schedule.

It runs on 4 D-cell batteries, but you can purchase a power adapter from the company, separately. The unit holds about 24 cups of dry or semi moist food.

The unit has a panel with buttons that you can use to program the schedule. I like the slow feed option because Antoinette sometimes wolfs down her meals and then feels sick from eating so fast. So, she can get her food in smaller portions and then digest it little by little.


  • Multiple schedules to feed your cat.
  • Slick design and great mechanism.
  • Can hold dry and semi moist food.


  • Pricier than other units.
  • Wall plug adaptor must be purchased separately.
  • No camera, voice recording, or app.
Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder 3L Pet Food Dispenser Feeder for Medium and Large Cat Dog--4 Meal, Voice Recorder and Timer Programmable,Portion Control ...

This (Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder) unit is very good. First, it is not shaped like a big, boxy machine, but it has a friendlier design that may even attract cats to it. My cat is scared of everything and anything that looks big makes her back off.

This design has a friendlier shape. It has an infrared sensor that makes the dispenser stop when the bowl is full. It has portion control, and it operates with batteries and via USB and wall charger. You could even plug the usb from your computer!

The container is designed to keep food fresh. I like this unit because of its design, most importantly. I also like that it has a dual power source, with the power adapter and batteries. Better still, all of this comes already with the unit.

The other thing I like most is the panel, which dispenses food by breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also program portion weight, voice recordings, and time for feeding. It also has a manual button.


  • Superb design.
  • Great options for feeding schedule.
  • Dual power sources.


  • No camera.
  • No app.

Buying Guide

As you can see, you can purchase a very simple cat feeder for a low price. These dispensers operate with gravity, pushing down food from the main canister as it gets eaten. The only drawback with these units is that, the more your cat eats, the more food will be dispensed. If your pet is greedy, or eats just for the sake of eating, you run the chance of running out of food pretty quickly...and making them fat.

If you prefer to have more control over your cat’s feeding time, you may have to increase your budget and get a dispenser in the range of $60 to $150 dollars. The reason why these machines are more expensive is because they are not only automatic, but they can also control food portions, dispense food at specific times, and put you in charge of your pet’s feeding time, even when you are not around.

Most of the automatic dispensers feature a dispensing mechanism and a scheduler. The more sophisticated the machine, the more features it will have.

The top of the line units come with everything, from cameras to apps that can help you schedule your pet’s feeding time remotely. Most of the automatic units come with a voice recorder so that you can record yourself calling your cat to the dispenser. Other units have more specific options for feeding intervals.

The important thing is to get a unit that:

  • Dispenses food in controlled portions.
  • Protects the food from going stale.
  • Comes with two different power sources, both battery and electric, in the event that there is a power outage when you are not around.
  • Allows you to pre-program when the food will be dispensed.

Now that you know which are my favorite cat food dispensers, let me tell you why I feel you should consider getting one as soon as you can.

It was a real game changer for me:

  • Your cat will know that there will always be food in the bowl - I know Antoinette gets nervous when she sees an empty bowl for a long period of time. Not anymore.
  • Your cat can regulate feeding times if you make a habit of dispensing food at the same intervals every day. For example, if you program your machine for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an extra meal in between, your cat will always expect food at the same time and will not eat out of greed or boredom. My cat eats when she is anxious, just like humans do. I would rather see her doing something else to ease her anxiety, other than eating.
  • You can stay in bed longer without your cat pestering you to get up to fix her breakfast.
  • You can get home late from work, or even go out of town for the weekend, without worrying about who will feed your pet.
  • You may even save money in the long run, since dispensing food at specific portions may make it last longer.
  • Most importantly: Your pet will love the machine. Cats are naturally curious, and they know how to differentiate sounds and noises. When the machine plays your voice recording, even when you are not home, your cat will associate that sound, and the sound of the food pouring down, with safety. They will not be alone in your house feeling scared and hungry. That is a big plus for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Automatic Cat Feeders Work?

An automatic feeder is a food dispenser that releases portions of food at different time intervals that are usually set up by the pet’s owner.

How Much Is an Automatic Cat Feeder?

The prices of automatic cat feeders will depend on how sophisticated the machine is. You can get a “gravity-based” simple dispenser for around $14. These are the ones that will dispense food as the cat eats it. The more your cat eats, the more food it will push down.

You can also get programmable machines. These machines have timers that you can set up to dispense food at a specific time. These can cost anywhere from $45-$50 dollars at your local pet supplies store.

Now, you can also get the big daddy of all cat feeders. They come with voice recording capacity, timer, camera and WiFi capabilities where you can download an app to control the machine. Something this fancy can cost around $150-$180 dollars.

Is There an Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food?

Yes, there are both wet and dry cat food dispensers. They can be programmed manually or automatically. These dispensers normally come with dishwasher-safe bowls, and it is important that they get cleaned daily to avoid bacterial buildup. These dispensers cost anywhere from $30 to $45 dollars.

How Do You Set an Automatic Cat Feeder?

A programmable automatic cat feeder can be programmed by using the buttons that are right on the unit. However, those super powerful WiFi units can be programmed using the dispenser company’s app. The time intervals for programming are different on each machine, so do your research before you get your dispenser.

Final Verdict

So, what are you waiting for? Select your favorite cat feeder and have fun with it. You will realize how much you have been missing out on each time you have to stop what you are doing just to run home to feed your pet. There has never been an easier time to be a pet parent!

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