October 24, 2019

Outdoor Bird Bath Reviews

Outdoor Bird Baths

Whenever someone is considering something new that they have never bought before, there is a lot of things that they have to consider before actually making the purchase. One of the top things that people take into consideration when buying something new for the first time is what others have to say about the product.

The reviews from other customers can make or brack an object. Buying a birdbath is a prime example of such an item. They need to be made of certain materials and need to be used just right for them to be successful.

Some materials cannot handle certain climates, so someone is a colder or warmer region will need one that can handle the temperatures it is exposed to all year round.

Top 5: Outdoor Bird Bath Reviews

World Source East GP0110ES Sun Pottery Bird Bath, Light Blue

This (World Source East GP0110ES Sun Pottery Bird Bath) birdbath is made from ceramic and is finished in a light blue glaze. The durable design of the birdbath will make sure it lasts for several years no matter the abuse it takes from the weather.

It can within stand down to negative 4 degrees without any cracks forming, but if there is water left in it the freezes and thaws over and over, it could cause some problems after some time to the bowl part of the birdbath.

It measures 17 inches long by 17 inches wide by 24 inches high. It only weighs about 25 pounds, which means it would be easy to move.


  • 17in x 17in x 25in.
  • Handle down to -4 degress.
  • 25lbs.


  • Plastic Bowl to Base Connecting Piece Breaks Easy.
Ancient Graffiti Solid Copper Birdbath with Iron Twig Stake

This (Ancient Graffiti Solid Copper Birdbath) birdbath measures 14.75 inches wide by 35 inches tall. It is created using all-natural metals that blend in perfectly with the nature around the birdbath.

The bass is done in an antique copper color to help it blend in with its surroundings, and it has a stake to put it in the ground that is designed to look like twigs.

This birdbath is only 7 pounds, so it is very easy for one person to move it as needed. It starts off as very shiny metal, and it can either be cleaned regularly to keep that color or it can be left to patina


  • 14.75in x 35in.
  • 7lbs.
  • Naturistic Design.


  • Stakes Break Easily.
VIVOHOME 28 Inch Height Polyresin Lightweight Antique Outdoor Garden Bird Bath Copper

This (VIVOHOME Outdoor Garden Bird Bath) birdbath is designed with a European royal appearance. It is done in a bronze patina, which gives the birdbath some character as well as makes it fit in well with any nature that is around the birdbath. The base is made hollow, which gives it a lightweight in order for it to easily be moved by one person from one spot to another.

It is made from high-quality PP material with a resin coating, which means it can stand up to whatever the weather has to throw at it.

The base of the birdbath comes with three stakes in order to help keep it in place and keep it from falling over if a larger animal was to climb on it. The bowl of the birdbath has a 19.7 inch diameter.


  • 6lbs.
  • Stakes for Stability.
  • Waetherproof Finish.


  • Paint in Bowl Flakes After a While.
ZENY Birdbath 28" Height Pedestal Bird Bath Antique Outdoor Garden Decor Vintage Yard Art (Green)

This (ZENY Outdoor Garden Birdbath) birdbath is made from a resin coating that will protect the birdbath from the weather and frost damage, but it is still made light enough in order for someone to move it from one spot to another. This finish is done in a textured manner in order to give the birdbath an antique and rustic finish.

The base of the birdbath has a fleur-de-lys design to give it an interesting design, and the bowl of the birdbath has a scallop pattern engraved. It comes with three stakes in order to help get it to stay in place no matter the weather or if larger animals climb on it.


  • Holds 0.8gal.
  • 20in x 28.18in x 14.5in.
  • 4.4lbs.


  • Completely Plastic.
  • Can Warp in Direct Sunlight.
TreeLen Pedestal Bird Bath, Outdoor Garden Polyresin Birdbath, Vintage Garden Décor for Yard, Garden, Lawn- Antique Gold

This (TreeLen Pedestal Bird Bath) birdbath is done in an antique copper finish and has an artificial bird perched on the edge of the bowl to give it a more artistic look.

While this birdbath has a metallic appearance, it is made of a polyresin in order to make it much lighter and easier for one person to move from one spot to another.

The bottom part of the bass is made where it can be filled with something to help weigh it down if needed. The bottom part can also be filled with plants to help it blend in with the surrounding nature or to add some more color and creativity.

The finish is made to help it stand up to harsh weather conditions and the animals.


  • 20.5in x 28.3in.
  • 4.4lbs.
  • Holds 0.8gal.


  • Made of Plastic.

Buying Guide

These are five of the best looking and most bought birdbaths that can be found on Amazon, and it is clear why they are so popular. Not only are all five made to be lighter in weight, which makes it easier for the owner to move it from one spot to another, but they are made to be durable. All five are also made to stand up to any wind that might try to knock it over.

Some of them come with additional stakes in order to help keep it in place even if a larger animal was to climb on it, such as raccoons. If someone wants the best birdbath aesthetic wise, then the fifth one is the one for them, but if they want one that will last the longest, then the very first one is the one they will want.

While the first one is one of the more expensive birdbaths, it is made with a better material that can handle direct sunlight better as well as any other weather that it is in. An important thing to consider when choosing a birdbath is where it is going to be placed.

There will need to be room for the birdbath to sit, and if the person lives in a warmer climate, they will need to place the birdbath in a shaded area in order to better attract birds to the birdbath. Keeping the water in the birdbath clean and placing it around nature, such as trees and flowers, is the best way to attract birds and keep the birds coming back.

If someone is having a little trouble attracting birds to their birdbath, they could place a bird feeder or some bird feed around the birdbath, which would attract the birds to that location.

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