May 3, 2020

Top Brushes For Golden Retrievers

Brushes For Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are an extremely special breed of dog that many people love. We are going to be discussing the best hygiene for a golden retriever dog. Our primary focus will be to look at the best hair brushes that you can buy on Amazon for golden retrievers. It is important to brush your dog's hair on a consistent basis to ensure that dirt and dust don't contaminate the hair coating on your golden retriever. It is also relatively important to consistently brush to eliminate tangles, knots, and other shedding-related issues.

Amazon has a massive collection of dog brushes that we are going to explore through as we proceed with this product review. We are going to outline our top-five recommendations that are based on several important factors. We are looking for high-quality dog brushes with affordable prices, durable designs, and positive customer feedback. Products that match these exact specifications might be hard to find, but we will ensure that you have the opportunity to look at five of the best recommendations within this buyer's guide.

We are now going to shift into our product review section. Each review will include an in-depth description and a convenient list of pros and cons. You will also be encouraged to read through the Customer FAQ section that immediately follows the product reviews.

Top 5: Brushes For Golden Retrievers Review

Recommendation #1


We are really excited to have the opportunity to look at this popular FURminator Grooming Rake. This could certainly be one of the highest-quality brushes that you can use for a golden retriever's hygiene. The cost-effective design is extremely popular with customers. The ergonomic handle is equipped with rotating metal brush teeth that can effectively remove loose hair from the coat of your golden retriever.

Thousands of customers have already praised the convenient design of this FURminator Grooming Rake. The updated model has been equipped with several additional features, including a durable and comfortable design that happens to be among the most effective brushes in the entire industry.

If you are looking to find a premium dog hair brush for your golden retriever, then you will certainly be interested in taking a look at the FURminator Grooming Rake. If you think there are some other great alternative brushes, then feel free to continue reading through this review because we still have four alternative recommendations that you can also consider for purchase.


  • Premium Ergonomic Design.
  • Comfortable Handle with Effective Metal Brush Attached.
  • Cost-Effective and Affordable.


  • Partially Faulty Handle Design (Durability Issues).

Our second-placed recommendation will feature the high-quality Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush. This selection is extremely popular on Amazon, and it has already earned positive feedback from thousands of existing customers. This premium grooming brush for dogs has an exceptional design with high-levels of quality, durability, and comfort.

Unfortunately, there really aren't a whole lot of customization options. This brush wasn't designed in multiple color variations, but all of the focus was primarily intended to specifically make this one of the most reliable and comfortable hair brushes that you can use to groom your dog. Golden retrievers are the perfect candidates for this particular hair brush, mainly because this brush can effectively use its stainless steel blade to remove thick loose hair.


  • Simple and Affordable Dog Hair Brush for Golden Retrievers.
  • Extremely Positive Customer Feedback.
  • Equipped with a Durable Stainless Steel Blade.


  • No Customization Options (One Color Variations).
  • Not Ideal for Short-Haired Dog Breeds.

Golden Retrievers have complex hair coats that require moderate-to-extensive grooming on a consistent basis. There might not be a better brush to use than the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. This simple brush on Amazon has earned top-seller ratings and outstanding customer feedback since it launched on the platform. The durable brush design is extremely popular with customers, and there are several convenient features, including a comfortable hand grip.

This dog hair brush is so popular that it often gets over-bought and the manufacturer is forced to refill their stock. If you are looking to lock in your purchase, then you should probably swiftly purchase this Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush before the current stock quantity runs out.


  • This Brush Has Received Best-Seller Ratings and Outstanding Feedback.
  • Simple Design with Convenient Features.
  • Extremely Durable and Easy to Use.


  • Limited Quantity Available.
  • Slightly More Expensive than Alternative Product Choices.

We are now going to take a look at the Paw Brothers Extra Long Hard Pin Slicker Brush. This dog brush is equipped with stainless steel brush pins and anti-slip grips to make it comfortable for both you, and your golden retriever. This brush is really only recommended for mid-to-long haired dogs, which is why we are comfortable recommending it for golden retrievers. Short-haired dogs might not see optimal levels of performance with this particular brush.

Many customers will also notice the cheap price range for the Paw Brothers Extra Long Hard Pin Slicker Brush. There is certainly an added layer of value when looking at this particular brush. We highly encourage all of our readers to check out the customer feedback on the Amazon page to learn additional information about how customers have enjoyed using this dog brush with their pets.


  • Ideal for Medium-to-Long Haired Dogs (Including Golden Retrievers).
  • Extremely Affordable Price Range.
  • Stainless Steel Brush Pins with Comfortable Hand Grip.


  • Not Ideal for Short-Haired Dog Breeds.
  • Limited Quantity Available.

We will be concluding this top-five product review by taking a look at the premium HOP Home of Paws Double-Sided Dog Brush. This double-sided brush has several unique design characteristics, including a natural wooden design with waterproof properties that protect its overall durability. The comfortable handle is ideal for pet owners that consistently groom their dog's hair.

The customer feedback is mostly positive because of the outstanding level of quality that is achieved with the design of this HOP Home of Paws Double-Sided Dog Brush. It might not be ideal as one of our most cost-effective choices, but it still retains a premium design with a reasonable price range.


  • Premium Design Quality (Natural Lotus Wood).
  • Extremely Durable and Waterproof Design.


  • Slightly Expensive Price Range.
  • Minor Durability Issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of brush is best for a golden retriever?

The five products that we have selected are probably some of the best choices that you will be able to consider for purchase. If you are attempting to purchase one specific product to use with your golden retriever, then you probably can't go wrong with the FURminator Grooming Rake. There are also four other high-quality and cost-effective choices that we recommend you look at before finalizing your decision.

How do you brush a Golden Retriever?

Different dog breeds all have unique grooming needs. Some need to be brushed in different ways.

Brushing a Golden Retriever is fairly straightforward. Once you've purchased a brush that's good for the breed, your first step is to brush out the entire coat. That includes the head, neck, tail, and legs. It's important to pay special mind to thick and matted fur.

Golden Retrievers have relatively long, silky coats. Because of this, their fur is more prone to matting than many other breeds. This means that you'll need to brush them more frequently to avoid matting, and you should expect to deal with semi-frequent matting even so.

If there are any parts of the fur that become too matted to brush or comb out, they will need to be cut instead. It's also helpful to brush the dog thoroughly one more time after they're given a bath.

How often should you brush a Golden Retriever?

Some extremely dedicated owners brush their dogs every day, making it a daily part of their routine. However, if you don't have the time or energy to dedicate to this, that's okay. Golden Retrievers don't require daily brushing to avoid mats.

They do still need frequent grooming, though. Groomers recommend brushing the dog at least three times a week, with an ideal amount being closer to five times per week. Groomers also emphasize that it's essential for Golden Retrievers to be brushed at least once weekly, or their coats will inevitably develop mats.

What should I know about using a FURminator brush for my Golden Retriever?

FURminators are highly recommended tools, which is why you see them on our list. But they should be used responsibly and with caution. If used too roughly or regularly, the tool can sometimes cause damage to the dog's coat as it attempts to remove the loose fur.

Groomers recommend using a combination of a solid dog brush and a rake for the undercoat. An undercoat rake can help to smooth and remove loose fur underneath the top coat without causing damage to your dog's skin or fur.

What other grooming do Golden Retrievers need besides brushing?

Any mats that develop on the dog's coat need to be removed. Weekly brushing should cause minimal matting, especially if you're brushing between 3 and 5 times every week. But because Golden Retrievers have easily-matting and relatively long coats, you might still run into this issue occasionally.

Removing mats can be done with a sharpened pair of scissors. It is extremely important that you take precautions to avoid cutting your dog. Prior to removing mats, it's best to attempt brushing them out to see if you can detangle them.

To brush out a mat, grip the fur above the mat and hold it close to your dog's skin. This helps keep your dog from feeling excessive pulling or pain. Then gently brush the fur out, starting at the mat's tip and slowly working toward the skin. Most mats can be brushed out without needing to resort to more drastic measures.

Golden Retrievers need to be bathed sometimes. This is typically done after the initial brushing, since the brushing helps to remove loose fur and untangle the coat. That in turn makes it easier to evenly disperse the shampoo.

You don't have to bathe your dog as often as you brush it, though. Some owners decide that they want to have a regular bathing schedule. Others wait to bathe their dog until the dog is particularly smelly or dirty. Even on a schedule, most owners tend to do a full bath once every two months or so.

Make sure that you have a shampoo that's good for your dog breed. Lather it over the entire body so that it cleans the full coat. Then gently rinse the suds away and use a large towel to rub your dog dry. If you need the coat to be show-worthy, you might have to use a blow dryer. Blow drying should always be done on low heat.

Do Golden Retrievers need to get regular haircuts?

Golden Retrievers should never be fully shaved. That includes during the hot summer months. Golden Retrievers also don't need to have a full haircut on a regular basis, although trimming is a regular part of grooming.

Usually trimming is done on the tail, neck, feet, and ears. Golden Retrievers have long and feathery fur, and trimming helps to neaten it. But a good groomer won't cause drastic changes in appearance.

How should I trim my Golden Retriever's coat?

It's important not to trim the entire coat. Golden Retrievers are a breed with a double coat, made up of an overcoat and undercoat. This was bred into them as a genetic advantage, since the coat allows them to regulate their body temperature in all seasons.

The combination of the two coats entraps cool air against the skin when it's hot out, and hot air against the skin when it's cool out. Trimming the full coat has a negative effect on your dog's ability to regulate its body temperature.

Clippers are also not typically necessary for trimming a Golden Retriever's coat. Usually groomers recommend using a pair of thinning shears and a pair of sturdy scissors. These tools are very simple, but they get the job done.

The first step is to trim the fur on the legs and feet. It's best to start with the fur around the bottom of your dog's feet. The edges of the foot are prone to fuzzy growth, which can be easily trimmed with scissors. This helps keep your dog's coat clean and prevent impediments when your dog walks.

Trim between the toes next. You can do this by brushing the hair between the toes upward with a comb. Where it extends over the dog's feet, you can trim it with your scissors. After that, comb it down until it's above your dog's pads.

The thinning shears should be used for the legs. The shaggy fur on the back of the legs can be trimmed with this tool, although it's not necessary to remove the long fur growing near the dog's rear end. The main goal with this step is to trim unkempt and fuzzy fur so the coat becomes symmetrical and silky.

The back legs will have longer fur than the front legs. Ideally, the back legs will have a few inches of fur that flares out. Meanwhile, the front legs will have fur that lays flat.

The next step is to thin the dog's undercoat around the neck and chest. Again, there's no need to trim the dog's entire coat, and doing so is harmful. But excess fur often grows around the neck and chest. You can start by using the thinning shears on any ridges of hair that have formed around the dog's shoulders.

From there, you can work on the chest. The goal is to thin excess hair until the coat lies flat against the chest instead of flaring out or being matted. Different Golden Retrievers have different fur lengths. Don't trim to a specific length - just trim the unkempt and fuzzy fur.

Make sure that you move your thinning shears in the direction that the fur is growing. If you aren't certain whether enough hair has been removed, you can comb your dog's chest and neck to see whether the fur lies flat.

Trimming the ears is an important step to keeping the dog's ears healthy. Trimming the tail is also important, but you shouldn't cut the fur too short. You should instead taper the fur from base to tip. Thinning shears can be used to create a natural look.

What is shedding season for a Golden Retriever?

Some owners say that the shedding season lasts all year. It is true that Golden Retrievers will continue to shed throughout every season, but some seasons bring more heavy shedding than others. Profuse shedding occurs in the fall and spring, with mild to moderate shedding during the winter and summer.

People who own Golden Retrievers need to accept that they'll be dealing with a lot of dog hair. There's no way around it. If you want a dog that sheds less, you're better off looking for a different breed.

How can I reduce my Golden Retriever's shedding?

As mentioned, Golden Retrievers shed a lot. They especially shed during the fall and the spring. You can use a pair of rubber gloves to pet your dog and remove loose hair, and having a good brush is vital.

There isn't any way to prevent a Golden Retriever from shedding. But regular grooming can keep loose dog hair from piling up around your home. In shedding season, it helps to brush five times a week. Regular grooming and bathing is also important.

Some dog owners only bathe their Golden Retrievers every two months. But if you're aiming to reduce the hair in your environment, baths should happen at least once per month. The highest frequency of bathing should be once every two weeks.

It's important not to give your dog too many frequent baths, though. This can lead to dried-out skin, which in turn leads to further shedding. Make sure that the dog shampoo you use is made for use with Golden Retrievers.

You should also avoid pills and sprays that say they will stop a dog's shedding. Oftentimes, these products have harmful chemicals that can cause problems with your dog's coat and skin.

Another important tip is to keep an eye on your dog's diet. Dogs with a nutritionally balanced diet should have a good amount of omega 3s and protein. If your dog has an unbalanced diet, they're more likely to shed excessively. In addition, these nutrients increase skin elasticity and strengthen the hair roots.

With that said, it's important not to give your dog too many nutrients. Your vet will have the best recommendations for the diet your dog should be on.

Shedding also occurs more excessively in stressed and anxious dogs. By keeping your dogs calm and giving them a relaxed environment, you prevent unnecessary shedding.

Final Verdict

This entire review is filled with valuable information for this particular industry. Many people love brushing their Golden Retriever's hair, but it can be important to find a high-quality dog brush that can get the job done effectively. For those reasons, we have placed a special level of effort to ensure that these five product recommendations are among the best in the entire industry.

Amazon is filled with great products, but we ensured the customer feedback what is overwhelmingly positive before selecting any of these dog brushes for this buyer's guide.

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