May 3, 2020

German Shepherd Chew Toy Reviews

German Shepherd Chew Toys

We are going to explore the Amazon marketplace for some of the best chew toys that you can purchase for your German Shepherd dog. Luckily, Amazon has an outstanding catalog of toys and accessories that you can purchase for a generous price. We are going to be utilizing several resources to ensure that we make high-quality chew toy recommendations for this review. Customer reviews are certainly one of the high-priority resources that we will be using, but we might also factor in brand reputation, value, and several other factors as well.

Each product review in the section below will also be including an in-depth description. A lot of the important product information will be included within our review, but at the conclusion of each individual review, we will then be including a bullet-point list of pros and cons.

German Shepherd's are an extremely popular dog breed, but it is important to recognize that most people are likely not super familiar with some of the most popular chew toys that are currently available on Amazon. For that reason specifically, we have crafted this convenient top-five review that will include several of the most popular selections that you can currently find.

We will also be including a convenient FAQ section before the conclusion of this post. This section will focus on answering some of the common questions or inquiries that people have before purchasing toys for their pet. We are now going to shift our focus to the review section, and we'll start by kicking off the review for our top overall selection for this buyer's guide.

Top 5: German Shepherd Chew Toys Review

We really liked the Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz No-Stuffing Squeaky Plush Chew Toy because it is extremely affordable. It also serves as a perfect chew toy that German Shepherd dog breeds should enjoy. The customer feedback ratings are extremely positive because the of the simple and convenient design. There are also multiple chew toy themes, including foxes, squirrels, and raccoons.

This durable chew toy should be just the right size for medium and large-sized dogs. Your dog might find hours of entertainment when playing with these friendly-themed chew toys on the Amazon marketplace. If you are interested in purchasing an affordable trifecta of chew toys, then you will probably have no problems purchasing this Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz No-Stuffing Squeaky Plush Chew Toy from the Amazon marketplace.


  • Extremely Affordable Price Range.
  • Multiple Toy Themes (Fox, Squirrel, Raccoon).
  • Outstanding Customer Feedback.


  • Only Ideal for Larger Dog Breeds.
  • Short Term Durability.

The Petstages Dogwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy may be another great purchase selection for your German Shepherd dog. This safe and natural wooden toy is perfect for all types of dogs. There are four different size options that you can select from on the Amazon page. The safety factor is extremely important for all pet owners, and you can be assured that this chew toy meets are traditional safety requirements. The customer feedback for this selection is extremely positive.

The thousands of positive customer ratings are focused around the generous price range. The wide range of custom size options is also convenient because it allows pet owners to make the right size choice for their particular pet. With that being said, we truly believe the Petstages Dogwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy is one of the best choices for German Shepherd dogs.


  • Extremely Affordable Price.
  • Multiple Size Options.
  • Extremely Safe and Natural Chew Toy.


  • Limited Quantity Available.

Our third product recommendation is the Nylabone Original Dura Chew Dog Chew. This reasonably-priced chew toy is designed to last longer than many of the alternative selections on Amazon.The tough and durable nylon chew design makes this one of the longest-lasting chew accessories on Amazon. This particular toy is specifically designed for larger dog breeds, including German Shepherds.

We highly recommend that you visit the Amazon product page and take a look at some of the customer feedback ratings to gain additional information about this chew toy before you purchase it.


  • Long-Lasting Chew Toy for Larger Dog Breeds.
  • Reasonable Price Range (Outstanding Customer Feedback).


  • Not Ideal for Smaller Dog Breeds.
  • Limited Quantity Available.

We are excited to have the chance to look at the high-quality Goughnuts Original Medium Dog Chew Toy Ring. This particular chew toy is available in five different color selections. This Goughnuts Chew Toy Ring is ideal for aggressive chewers, but it specifically designed for medium dog breeds.

The price range is a little bit higher than some of our other selections, but the design is basically indestructible according to the manufacturer. The Amazon customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive as well.


  • Five Different Chew Toy Color Variations.
  • Extremely Durable Chew Toy Design.
  • Mostly Positive Customer Feedback.


  • Slightly Expensive Price Range.

Our final selection will focus on the impressive design of the oneisall Dog Toy. This green chew toy is perfect for aggressive chewers. There are multiple size options available to choose from on Amazon's product page before finalizing your purchase selection.

The customer feedback ratings are also fairly positive, but you might have to pay a slightly higher-than-average price when purchasing this particular chew toy. Even with that being said, this is still one of the best selections on Amazon. For that reason, it has earned a solid placement within our top-five chew toy selections.


  • Multiple Size Options.
  • Extremely Durable & Long-Lasting Chew Toy.


  • Only Available in Green or White.
  • Average Price Range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What chew toys are safe for german shepherds?

All five of our chew toy selections are perfectly safe for German Shepherd dogs. We have ensured that all of our recommendations are safe for pets to chew. We also noticed that the Petstages Dogwood Wooden Dog Chew Toy is specifically designed with natural materials for safety purposes. That is the primary reason that it was placed in the second position for this product review.

We highly encourage all of our readers to look through the product selections to find the chew toy that is best-suited for their dog.

What do German Shepherds like to chew on?

German Shepherds enjoy chewing on a variety of different materials. The main thing to keep in mind is giving them chew toys that are safe, while diverting their attention from chewing behaviors that aren't safe.

Large dogs tend to have high energy levels. German Shepherds are a fairly large breed, and chewing behaviors help to use that energy. Chewing helps them to pass the time, clean their gums and teeth, and exercise their jaws. Not only do chew toys make your dog happy, but they also benefit their health.

German Shepherds tend to be strong and intelligent dogs. They need frequent exercise and mental stimulation. A German Shepherd without chew toys is likely to chew on shoes, furniture, carpeting, and other easily-damaged materials. Rampant chewing behavior can also pose a hazard if your dog swallows something it shouldn't.

What are the characteristics of a good chew toy for German Shepherds?

When we talk about the German Shepherd breed's needs, we're talking about the things that differentiate German Shepherds from other dogs. But each German Shepherd is unique. Because of this, knowing how to find the right chew toy for your specific dog makes a difference.

Consider the following questions:

  • How hard does your dog typically chew?
  • How rough is your dog during play?
  • Do you need something with an "indestructible" label?
  • Are you concerned about your dog hurting their jaw?

The most effective German Shepherd chew toys are made to be durable. Cheap ones tend to be crafted with rubber. A good rubber toy should be tough enough to stand up to multiple rough chewing sessions, but it shouldn't damage your dog's teeth.

Some toys have the "indestructible" label. These are specifically designed for dogs who have very energetic and rough styles of play. Normal toys can sometimes be worn down or torn apart within days after getting them. An indestructible toy is built to stand up to prolonged roughness.

What are other types of dog toys that German Shepherds enjoy?

Chew toys are just one of many types of toy that your dog may like. German Shepherds need to be actively stimulated. Not only do they need to have ways of expending their energy, but they also need to keep their brains engaged. If they don't have mental stimulation, they'll become restless and destructive.

Some other types of toys include:

  • Puzzle toys
  • Interactive toys
  • Fetch and tug toys
  • Squeaky and plush toys
  • Distraction toys

These toys might have some category overlaps, but they tend to serve different purposes. Puzzle toys involve puzzles that your dog has to solve. Interactive toys need to be interacted with in order to achieve a goal.

Fetch and tug toys are ways of expending energy through games of tug and fetch. Typically, these toys are meant to be used with an owner during outdoor playtime.

Squeaky and plush toys tend to be designed more for comfort than for chewing. Dogs might chew on them, but they're ultimately made for cuddling. Many dogs also like the squeaky sound of the toys and will be entertained by getting the sound to repeat.

Distraction toys are any type of toy designed to help alleviate a dog's boredom. These might be used if your dog has to stay in a crate for long periods of time during the day. They tend to be designed for the dog to use alone, rather than needing human interaction.

Some toys dispense treats, which can add another level of stimulation and reward. The mechanism for treat dispensing will vary widely depending on the toy. Oftentimes the "prize" for solving a puzzle toy is getting to the treat inside.

What materials should I not give to my German Shepherd to chew?

It's highly recommended that you avoid toys made of rope. Though these toys might seem like good chew toys at first, they tend to unravel quickly. If the threads are swallowed, they can get tangled in your dog's intestines and cause a potentially life-threatening complication. Surgery may be required to remove the string and repair the damage.

Wooden toys might not be the best for very aggressive chewers. If they break apart, they can create splinters that might hurt your dog's mouth or otherwise cause injury. Sturdy wooden toys usually won't cause a problem for more mild chewers, though.

Be careful about cheap toys with easily-removed plastic parts as well. If the plastic can pop off of the toy, it's a choking hazard for your dog. Yes, even if you're sure your dog will never manage to pull it off.

How do you mentally stimulate a German Shepherd?

Exercise isn't the only thing your German Shepherd needs to be healthy. They also need mental stimulation. The German Shepherd breed is particularly intelligent and energetic, and they need somewhere to constructively direct their mental energy.

Chew toys are just one method of mental stimulation. The toys help keep your dog occupied, and you can engage their mental interest by offering toys with different shapes and textures. Different dogs will have different favorite toys.

Puzzles can be used for mental stimulation. With puzzle setups and toys, the dog solves a complex problem until the device "unlocks" and dispenses the treat inside.

Many different puzzle setups are available on the market. Some of the best are those that have several "skill levels," allowing your dog to solve more complex problems as the initial ones become too easy.

It is a good idea to try out a few different kinds of puzzle game. If the game is too hard, your dog might get frustrated and give up. If the game is too easy, your dog will beat it quickly and then become bored. If the game doesn't have sufficient motivation to play, your dog won't care about using their energy to solve it.

If you find that your German Shepherd is eating too quickly, you can even use a puzzle feeding bowl. These bowls force your dog to navigate a "maze" to find the food. They cause your dog to slow down, and they also simulate the experience of hunting, which dogs find deeply satisfying.

Hide-and-seek is a game that you can play with your German Shepherd. It's a means of giving your dog physical exercise, and it also allows for mental stimulation. In addition, it reinforces the recall command. Some people use hide-and-seek to teach puppies how to respond to their name.

With hide-and-seek, you hide somewhere in your yard or inside your house. You then call your dog's name and have them find you. This engages all of your dog's senses as they navigate the terrain to get to you. Once they find you, you'll reward them with a treat.

For people on a budget, you can play a game of "hide the treats." This doesn't require any complicated toy or setup. All you have to do is take cuts of cold meat or a bag of treats, and then hide the treats at different places in the house. This is a great game for letting your German Shepherd use their nose.

Training is very important for any dog breed, but it's particularly vital for German Shepherds. Good training is also one of the best possible ways to increase your dog's mental stimulation. It lets you keep control over their behavior as well. With positive reinforcement, you can teach a German Shepherd to do hundreds of different things.

Some people choose to train their dogs at home. Others might invest in a training class taught by a professional dog trainer. Either way is effective, although training classes are especially helpful if you've never trained a dog before. Even if you do most of the training yourself, you have the professional to show you what to do.

It's also important that German Shepherds get daily exercise, as this helps them expend their energy and reap physical health benefits. Exercise keeps them mentally engaged as well. A German Shepherd should be socialized with other dogs and people to mentally stimulate them and give them better social skills.

Dogs have the best response to socialization when they're puppies. But even when dogs reach adulthood, they can still get mental benefits out of socializing with other people. And frequent socialization helps to prevent your dog from being nervous around people or unfamiliar dogs.

Another thing that German Shepherds have been bred for is tracking. They are already predisposed toward tracking behaviors. If you give your dog guidance and training, they can become a master at tracking scents.

Tracking maximizes a dog's mental stimulation. For those with large enough backyards, you can start by creating scented paths in the yard. As your dog becomes more confident, you can go into more wild areas to practice tracking.

Long distance tracking can be done with socks, your dog's toys, or other objects with which your dog is familiar. In addition, many professional trainers offer tracking classes for German Shepherds and other natural trackers.

How do you discipline a German Shepherd puppy?

Puppies learn rapidly after the age of 12 weeks. This is when much of their core behavior becomes cemented. If a puppy learns bad habits during this time period, they're difficult to break in adulthood.

Negative reinforcement doesn't help puppies. Puppies don't understand what behavior is good or bad without being shown. Between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks, trainers discourage discipline, since the puppy doesn't have the capacity to learn yet. After 12 weeks, you can start with a training program.

Some rules of thumb to keep in mind are:

  • You should begin discipline training early and be consistent in your responses.
  • Reward-based training is the most effective.
  • It's important to ignore behaviors like jumping, barking, and scratching, rather than rewarding them.
  • You can redirect your puppy's energy and distract them from negative behavior.
  • When your puppy nips or scratches, yelp and hold still. When they release your hand, turn away so they know you don't tolerate being nipped.

Final Verdict

There are several important factors to consider when trying to find the right chew toy for your German Shepherd. Safety is always important, but we also understand that you want to find cheap chew toys that will last a long time. The customer feedback on all of our selections are extremely positive. Some people might be looking for customization options, while others might be focused on safety and value.

Our top overall selection had to be the Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz No-Stuffing Squeaky Plush Chew Toy because of its animal-themed chew toy design and overwhelming positive feedback. If our top choice doesn't work for you, then you might also be interested in checking out the four remaining selections that we have made within this buyer's guide.

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