November 13, 2019

Best Snake Traps

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Snakes are considered as one of the most dangerous animals in the world. There are many types of snakes, but the first thing that comes into the mind of the public when hearing the name of the animal is its venomous bite. In the United States, the number of people dying from snake bite is virtually zero.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services worked hard to deploy effective anti-venom in hospitals across the country. Private hospitals also have access to powerful antidotes that can cure snake bite. This is the reason why almost no one dies when bitten by a snake.

Despite the low rate of fatality in the United States, people are still buying snake traps because they don’t want to risk their lives after encountering a snake. These animals can be found inside the forests, and occasionally, they can be found in someone’s garden, or worse – inside the house.

The Eastern diamond-back rattlesnake is considered as the most dangerous species in the country. Many people who live in areas where it is common are investing a lot of money in effective snake traps. There are many types of snake traps – it can be mechanical, or glue-based. The type of snake traps that people buy depends on the budget that they have on hand.

If you are currently suffering from snake infestation, you should buy a snake trap and stop them from entering your property. For your convenience, you could shop for snake traps offered in Amazon, and there is a lot of feedback from the customers that you can read to serve as a guide which brand you have to buy.

Securing a snake trap inside your home and on your garden is a great way to deter these creatures. Even if there is an available antidote, prevention is still the best way to go. Here are some of the best snake traps that you can buy on Amazon today:

Top 5: Snake Traps Review

AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap Catch and Release Rats Mouse Mice Rodents and Similar Sized Pests - Safe and Effective - 10.5" x 5.5" x 4.5" Single Door

AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap is one of the most popular products when it comes to snake traps that can be used inside the house and on the garden. If you are looking for a high-quality snake trap, this product is for you. Despite its simple design, this product works well in capturing these animals.

The product is made from high-quality material, and it is crafted to perfection to ensure that the buyers will be saved from harm. It is also registered with the USPTO. Be careful when buying this brand because of the counterfeit products that are currently being sold online.

This trap has a volume of 10.5" x 5.5" x 4.5", enough to hold small to medium-sized snakes. If you are trying to catch a larger snake, buy a trap from the same manufacturer that has a larger volume.

AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap Catch and Release Rats Mouse Mice Rodents and Similar Sized Pests - Safe and Effective - 10.5" x 5.5" x 4.5" Single Door

This product is also recognized by animal rights activists because of its human nature of trapping the snakes. Rest assured that no injuries will result from using this product, and the animals trapped inside will not instantly die. It does not have poison or sticky glue, and you can placed it around your house without worrying that someone might get hurt after touching it.

This product is also cost-effective, as you can use it over and over again. It is easy to use, and an instruction manual is provided so you can learn how it operates in the shortest time possible.


  • All AB Traps purchased from Amazon will be sent directly to the buyer’s address from the company’s fulfillment centers. This makes it more convenient to shop online.
  • It is safe and humane. The animals caught inside will not be injured or killed by this equipment.
  • It has a simple design, and it is effective in trapping snakes. You can also set it up in seconds.
  • The locking mechanism is durable and unescapable. Once an animal is trapped, you can release it back to the wild and use the product again to deter these animals from entering your garden or home. It can save you a lot of money in the long run.


  • The product is affordable.
  • It is lightweight, and you can take it anywhere with you.
  • The speed of delivery from Amazon is outstanding.
  • The locking bar will automatically slide down when triggered.
  • Its design is based on the Chinese concept, and it looks great.
  • It can be disarmed, which will result to the trapping of more critters.


  • The metals used are super light, and it can be destroyed if the animal starts to thrash.
Catchmaster AA1170 72MAX Pest Trap, 72 Pack, White

The Catchmaster AA1170 72MAX Pest Trap uses a strong glue to trap the snakes that might invade your property. It is scented with a peanut butter flavor to attract these animals. When you purchase this product, it comes as a flat sheet. You can fold the sheet to create a square box which will protect it from dust and other materials that can reduce its stickiness.

The simplicity of this product’s design will enable you to store it inside your home, and it is also an excellent choice if you wanted an effective snake trap that does not have a complex mechanism to work. This product is also recognized as the Duracell of Glues because it can last up to a year, compared to other brands which only work for thirty to ninety days.

To maximize the benefits of this product, make sure to place it in areas where the snake passes by. You will be surprised how effective this snake trap is.


  • This product has a glue board that uses a very strong glue formula that can trap snakes.
  • You can use it instantly, and there are no installations required.
  • This product is made in the United States.


  • The product is easy to use, and it can instantly trap snakes once laid out in the garden or inside the house.
  • The glue is very sticky.
  • The product will come sealed and secured.


  • The smell of the product is horrendous. Even if the manufacturers branded it as a fragrant peanut butter, the real smell does not compare. It smells like a rotten peanut butter, according to other customers who purchased it.
Catchmaster 402 Baited Rat, Mouse and Snake Glue Traps Professional St

This Catchmaster 402 Glue Traps product is designed to trap the snakes that keep on coming inside your garden or your house. It is also recommended to be used inside your business if a snake is terrorizing your customers. All you need to do is to set it up and leave it until the snake appears. If they pass above the trap, they are done.


  • The shelf display is available in two packs.
  • The product is non-toxic.
  • It is designed to eliminate snakes and other small animals that invades your home, business, or garden.
  • It is made in the United States.


  • It can capture snakes more effectively.
  • The product can be used over and over again, and the stickiness of the glue does not go away easily.


  • You have to take the snakes in a location far away from your property if they are caught in the trap. Otherwise, you have to kill them.
Ortho 0489510 B-Gon Snake Repellent Granules, 1 Pack

Far from the usual snake traps, the Ortho Snake-B-Gon Snake Repellent Granules is a formula that you can use to deter the snakes from entering your property. All you need to do is to put the formula on the area where the snakes live, and put a trap near it. The snakes will back out from because of the natural oils used on this product and will never go back again.

The product does not stink, and it is also rain resistant. You can use it in your garden, and the plants will not be affected by it formulation. To achieve the best results, re-apply this product after thirty days.


  • The formulation is effective to drive the snakes away from your home.
  • It is non-toxic and safe to use near plants and other people.
  • It does not stink.


  • The product smells really good.
  • You can apply the product easily – you only need to remove the lid and spread the product out.
  • You can hold the container easily.
  • The natural oils included in this product are effective in driving the snakes away.


  • The volume of the product is not enough to cover the area that the company promises.
  • It is expensive.
  • You are required to apply the product every thirty days, and it requires a lot of work.
  • You should prevent putting this product on any edible item because you can be poisoned.
Glue Trap-(Cahaba Glue Catch Inserts 6-Pack) 18"x10" for Large Snake Traps, Made in USA Water Resistance, Comercial Grade

This Cahaba Snake Trap product is recommended for those who wanted to catch snakes inside their homes. You can fold it into the shape of a tent for effective storage and usage.


  • The product uses a strong glue trap that can immobilize the snakes.
  • Its dimension is 18 x 10 x 2 inches, enough for a moderately-sized snake to be trapped.
  • It weighs 1.4 pounds.


  • It is effective in capturing snakes, especially in regions where they thrive as pests.
  • It is lightweight, and you can bring it anywhere.
  • Setting it up is easy.


  • The whole sheet is hauled away when a big snake is trapped. This would require the trap setters to clean up the mess.

Best Snake Trap

We chose the AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap as our top pick because of the numerous features that it has. Many people also gave this product a positive review because it really works. With the emergence of animal rights groups, many people would prefer using a snake trap that is humane. This is how this product exploded in popularity – they assured the buyers that the animals trapped inside will not be harmed.

AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap Catch and Release Rats Mouse Mice Rodents and Similar Sized Pests - Safe and Effective - 10.5" x 5.5" x 4.5" Single Door

Best Value

When it comes to the product with the best value, the Catchmaster 402 Baited Rat, Mouse and Snake Glue Traps take the crown. These products are cheap, and you can set it up easily. Your money is worth it when you buy this product because the snakes will be trapped.

Catchmaster 402 Baited Rat, Mouse and Snake Glue Traps Professional St

Frequently Asked Questions

Are DIY Snake Traps Effective?

Yes, DIY snake traps are effective. Most people who are buying snake traps are using it this way: trap the creature, and then release it in the wild later on. If you have a background in crafts making, you can build your own snake trap using a wooden box and a lid.

What Is the Best Bait for a Snake?

The best bait for snakes is chicken eggs. If you set up a trap and you wanted the snake to come inside it, all you need to do is to place chicken eggs inside the trap. The snakes will be able to smell it from afar and they will not hesitate to go inside the trap to eat the eggs.

Are Glue Traps Effective Against Snakes?

Despite the opposition of many animal rights activities regarding the usage of glue traps, the majority of those who experience snake infestation still resort to these products. The number one reason is its affordability – these are among the cheapest snake traps on the internet, and it will not cost the buyer a lot of money.

Which Part of the House Should You Place the Trap?

If you suspect that there are snakes inside your house, the best place to put it in would be the basement. Usually, the basement is dark and dry, and snakes love to live in places like that. Put the trap under your basement and see how many snakes it will capture.

Are Snakes Active in the Morning or Evening?

The majority of the snakes are active during the day. If you wanted to set up a trap, do it in the morning. Snakes sleep at night, similar to humans.

Ways To Keep Snakes Away

If you don't like any of the options above, we still want to help you keep the snakes away! Here are some tips to implement if you decide not to implement a snake trap.

About 5.4 million snake bites occur worldwide each year, resulting in deaths, amputations, and other permanent disabilities. Though snakes can help control the population of pests like rats and cockroaches at your place, many species are dangerous to humans and should, therefore, be kept away.

You will mostly find snakes outside your compound when the temperatures are between eighty and ninety-degrees Fahrenheit. Snakes are primarily active in the morning and late afternoon.

Whenever you see or suspect that there is a snake in your compound, you should call an animal control company the wildlife department to handle the creature. However, various home remedies can help keep away snakes. The methods can be adopted as they are readily available, affordable, easy to use, and safe.

Below are the different ways to keep snakes away from your home and other properties.

Keep your Compound Clean

Snakes like to attack their predators from dark hiding places. To keep them away will need you first to clear your compound to eradicate their hiding ground. The hiding places for snakes can be clutter, wood, piles of leaves, grass, compost heaps, and firewood stack. Firewood and other types of debris should, therefore, be stored away from home if possible.

You should also avoid low growing plants, shrubs, and lush plants. Trees and Shrubs should be trimmed, and the branches kept away from the ground. Snakes will rarely be found in the trimmed plantation, and it will also be easy to spot them if present.

Keeping your grass short also helps discouraging snakes from hanging around. The small herb increases their exposure to predators like hawks and cats and makes them easier to spot.

Scare Away or Trap the Snakes

Vibrations produced by machines such as lawnmower can help keep snakes away. Though this is a temporary measure of keeping snakes away, the waves produced by the devices can scare off many snakes, hence, allowing you to concentrate on your daily duties without thinking of a snake attack in your compound.

In case you have spotted or suspects a snake inside your house, you can lay traps to get hold of them. The traps can be either mechanical or glue traps. Before setting up any traps, you should contact your local animal control office to ensure that the trapping is done safely and legally, and that no other wildlife are trapped inhumanely.

Eliminate the Source of Food

One of the primary sources of food for snakes is rodents. Snakes are fond of eating frogs, birds, moles, fish, and insects such as grasshoppers and cockroaches. To get rid of the snakes, you will have to eliminate their food source; therefore, the need to get strong chemicals or other means to kill the pests.

Getting rid of the pests can be as simple as feeding your pets inside since feeding them outside can attract insects. After feeding your pets out, ensure you clean up the uneaten food. In case you are breeding birds, ensure you feed them far away from the house as they are also prone to leave seeds scattered around their feeder, which can attract rodents.

You can also keep pests away from your house by laying traps or spraying repellents. Once you have done away with the pests in your compound, the snakes will move to other places to look for food.

Seal the Cracks

Regular inspection of your house is critical, as it will lead you to cracks and holes that snakes can use to hide and attack you. You can inspect your home to repair or replace the damaged windows, door pipes, gutters, and ventilation ducts.

To eliminate the hiding places, you should seal the cracks in your house, sidewalks, foundation, and the garage. When you come across any holes, no matter how big or small, you should patch it up to prevent snakes entering the house. Getting an energy audit can help you detect if there are cracks in your home as the consumption may go high since the cracks can allow air conditioning or heat to escape the house.

Change Up Your Landscaping

Your garden can be prone to snakes due to the kind of landscape you have. Therefore, you may need to make some changes such as cutting grass, having a snake-proof fence, removing debris, and overgrowth.

The right plants in our gardens provide cover and beauty, though they can also attract snakes.

Therefore, you should choose wisely on the kind of plantation to have, such as snake repellent plants. Some common examples of these plants include:

  • Lemongrass. The lemongrass plant produces a citrus smell that repels snakes, ticks, and mosquitoes. So why should you have the plant in your garden? Not only is it attractive, but it is also drought resistant and easy to maintain.
  • Marigolds. The roots of this plant have a strong odor that can repel many garden pests, gophers, and moles. The plant has beautiful flowers that can brighten your garden.
  • Mother in law's tongue. Mother in law's tongue is a good plant to repel snakes because of its sharp leaves and ability to rejuvenate oxygen at a high rate. Though it is a great plant to have in your garden, snakes find this perennial plant frightening.
  • Onion and Garlic. Both onion and garlic produce a smell that snakes dislike. Garlic gives off the oily residue, which irritates the snake-like the experience you get when you slice an onion. The sulfonic acid in garlic and onions is responsible for repelling snakes. A Mixture of rock salt, onion, and garlic can be sprayed around areas where the snakes frequent to get a more effective outcome.

While landscaping, avoid using mulch and large rock as they attract snakes and their prey. You can instead use smaller tight-fitting stones such as gravel. Garden ponds, though very beautiful, can also attract snakes through frogs, worms, and slugs. The ponds should, therefore, be avoided.

Use Natural Snake Predators

Ever thought of keeping some animals to help you control snake invasion in your home? Guinea hens, turkeys, pigs, and cats are some animals that can help keep snakes away.

The most common predators of snakes are birds and other snakes. Though Foxes usually kill snakes in our neighborhoods, they, just like other animals, are not common in every region and are normally not so friendly to humans. You can, however, use fox urine as a natural repellent for snakes by spreading the urine around your house or places where you suspect snakes of being.

The other top snake predators include:

  • Mongoose
  • Honey Badger
  • King Cobra
  • Secretary Bird
  • Hedgehog
  • Kingsnake
  • Snake Eagle
  • Bobcat
  • Trained Scottish Terrier
  • Wolverine

The various predators can pray on the different snakes depending on the size of the snake and where it lives. Younger snakes are more prone to attacks as they may be consumed from eggs or immediately as they emerge from the eggs. Birds have very good vision with sharp claws to prey on snakes from land, trees, and different water bodies.

Smoke Them Out

Snakes are very sensitive to smell. One of the smells that they find unpleasant is smoke. To chase the snakes away, you can opt to dig a fire pit and smoke for several days. The fire pit can be covered with leaves to get the best impact of the smell.

Utilize Natural Snake Repellents

Below are some of the common products that can be used as snake repellents:

  • Lime. Take a lime and mix it with hot pepper and pour it around your home. The smell of this mixture will scare away the snakes around as they dislike the scent, and fumes produced are also itchy on their skin.
  • Clove & Cinnamon Oil. A combination of cloves and cinnamon oil can be used as a fumigant and as a spray to repel snakes. The mixture should be sprayed directly on the snake. As you spray the snakes, please be careful as the snakes normally run in the opposite direction of the spray.
  • Ammonia. Snakes dislike the smell of ammonia and will not come close to where it has been sprayed. You can either spray ammonia around the snake dwelling or soak a rag in ammonia and place it in an unsealed plastic bag near any areas inhabited by snakes.

When you leave the unsealed bags where the snakes frequent, the snakes will not come back as the smell will keep them away.

Physical Barriers and Snake Proof Fencing

With all entry points sealed, physical barriers and fences can help keep the venomous snakes away. The snake fence should be dug four inches into the ground, made of permanent materials such as steel and not plastic or rubber that can wear out easily in the sun. You should ensure that the fence can bend on top, to prevent snakes from climbing over.

Are you looking for snake experts specialized in fencing and snake prevention? Contact us today for a snake fence installation.

Final Verdict

If you are planning to buy a snake trap on Amazon, you can use the list above as a guide. Your choice still depends on your budget and the kind of product that you are looking for.

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