October 28, 2019

Shampoo For Guinea Pig Reviews

Shampoo For Guinea Pigs

Having a guinea pig as a pet will prove to be an entertainment-filled experience immediately. Not only are they adorable, but they also have extremely vibrant personalities. It is also awesome that they live longer than many other rodent cage animals with average lifespans of 4-8 years!

Because of their attractive lure for pet buyers, you must be taking care of these little critters so they can live a full life. Appropriate nutrition, proper cage care, and hygiene are important factors to make sure they are with you if possible.

Top 5: Guinea Pig Shampoo Reviews

Kaytee Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo 8-Ounce

The Kaytee brand is known for making a wide range of care products for small animals. The Squeaky Clean Critter Shampoo is a specially formulated mixture to benefit your guinea pig's skin and fur. It has a fresh fragrance that will rid smells of urine and other unpleasantries, leaving them with a clean scent.

It will work as a conditioner in the fur, leaving it with luscious shine and soft to touch. Due to the infrequency that guinea pigs need to be bathed, the 8 ounces will stretch making it worth every penny. It is affordable and effective. It works for both long and short-haired guinea pigs with very safe ingredients.

Reviewers seem very satisfied with the results of the product. One complaint listed was that the fragrance may be a bit strong. Overall, users seem pleased by the product.


  • It leaves your guinea pig's fur with a fresh baby powder scent.
  • The results last until the next wash.
  • It is gentle and pH balanced especially for small pets.


  • The fragrance may be a bit strong for some.
Arm & Hammer Tearless Shampoo for Small Animals | Safe for Use Around Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits & All Small Animals, 8 ounces, Fresh Scent

Arm & Hammer has formulated this product for small animals. It is a tearless shampoo, making it mild and gentle for your pet. It is designed to nourish and refresh your guinea pig's coat, leaving it fresh and debris-free.

It is completely safe to use as recommended for your pet. It is a formula specifically pH balanced for guinea pigs, making it efficient for cleanliness. Only a small amount needs to be used for each wash, making the product last.

It also comes at a very affordable price with a satisfaction guarantee. You can contact the company directly with any concerns or qualms so they can assist you.


  • It is uniquely formulated for the sensitivity of small pets.
  • It leaves the coat fresh and rids unwanted odors.
  • It comes with a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Complaints of bad packaging and delivery.
Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo, Vanilla & Almond, 16 Ounce

This product is made with your pet in mind. It is full of natural, pet-safe ingredients to do the job both efficiently and healthily. While Earthbath comes in a variety of types and scents, this particular shampoo is oatmeal and aloe. This combination can combat inherently itchy or irritated skin, calming the area.

This product is pH balanced and able to deodorize your pet's fur safely with the scent of vanilla and almond. It is especially beneficial for pets with highly sensitive skin. It is chemical-free and deeply moisturizing. It leaves the coat with extreme plushness.

The ingredients are recommended by veterinarians to combat allergies and aid in healing problem areas. It is also safe to use after flea treatments and will not interfere with the effectiveness of the flea product.

The product is completely biodegradable and cruelty-free.


  • All-natural ingredients, promoting safe bathing for your pet.
  • Oatmeal and aloe ingredients for pleasant scents and healing properties.
  • Conditions the coat, softening the fur.


  • It is not tear-free, so it can irritate if it meets your pet's eyes.
Fluppets Certified Organic Pet Shampoo, Hypoallergenic Non Toxic 1 Bottle 16oz

Fluppets is an all-natural shampoo that is sure to leave your pet feeling dapper and refreshed. It is made in the U.S. from essential and saponified organic oils. It is non-toxic and completely safe for your guinea pig. This is not only good for small animals, but any pet can benefit from the product.

This shampoo has no animal by-products and is hypoallergenic. It is free of parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals and detergents. This helps to reduce irritants and allergens that could negatively impact your pet. By greatly reducing the amount of reaction-causing ingredients, your guinea pigs fur will be left fluffy, shiny, and clean.

A portion of the proceeds go directly to an animal care facility to help other animals financially. The product also comes with a satisfaction guarantee so that if you aren't satisfied, it will be taken care of by the company.


  • Made from all-natural, non-toxic ingredients never tested on animals.
  • Includes essential oils to replenish the skin and fur.
  • Includes a satisfaction guarantee and charity cause.


  • Some complaints of residue left on fur after use.
Davis Miconazole Pet Shampoo, 12-Ounce

This Davis Pet Shampoo product is free of fragrance and dyes, making it safe for your pet. It is primarily formulated to combat fungal infections of the skin, promoting healing and reducing symptoms. It has oatmeal in the ingredients, creating a soothing lather to fortify the fur and skin with moisture. The oatmeal also aids in a calming effect to rid itchiness and irritation.

You should lather your pet and allow the product to set on the skin and fur for 10 minutes to ensure effectiveness. It will work in and gently help any issues being had.

This product should only be used in the event of fungal infections or skin irritation. Use should be discontinued once symptoms subside.


  • Oatmeal based to soothe irritation.
  • Designed for fungal infections.
  • Gentle and effective.


  • Not made for regular shampoo use, medically based.

Top Pick

Doing proper research to ensure you are buying the best product for your furry friend is a wise choice. Ultimately, only you can decide what product you believe will work best.

If you are wanting a product that is safe, effective and completely natural, Fluppets Certified Organic Pet Shampoo may be the best value here. You get a satisfaction guarantee, transparent ingredients, and money spent toward a good cause.

Fluppets Certified Organic Pet Shampoo, Hypoallergenic Non Toxic 1 Bottle 16oz

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Guinea Pigs Need a Special Shampoo?

Yes, guinea pigs need special shampoo designed for small animals. Because certain shampoos can have harsh chemicals you may not be aware of, you will need one specifically formulated for your pet. Guinea pigs can dry out quite easily and small animal shampoos are made to be more hydrating, so they do not get hot spots or irritation on the skin.

How Often Do I Bathe My Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs should be bathed infrequently. It is advised you should bathe your guinea pig no more often than twice a month. During the winter months, it is not recommended that you bathe them any more than one time every two months.

Is Baby Shampoo OK for Guinea Pigs?

While it may seem like baby shampoo would be mild enough for guinea pigs, it is not. Baby shampoo is not designed for the pH balance of a guinea pig and can have adverse effects just like any other human shampoo. The only small animal shampoo is recommended to avoid any potential allergens, harsh chemicals or unfavorable ingredients.

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