March 30, 2020

Horse Wormer Reviews

Horse Wormers

If you currently or have ever taken care of horses in the past, you know how important it is to keep up with their regular dewormings, and finding some of the best deals for dewormers for horses can be a little challenging, but we put this list together for you so that it could be simple and easy.

We also answered a few questions you may have about dewormers and how important they can be.

Top 5: Horse Wormers Review

For the best price, it can be very hard to beat this deal. This is possibly one of the biggest and best bundles that you can get, especially if you have to take care of several horses that need the medicine fairly often.

This is a 12pack, but you can also get this 12-pack in a 24-pack if you want to buy it in bulk for you and nearly everyone else you know that owns a horse that needs their medicine too.

The only thing you really have to watch out for is the expiration date with that many doses since they usually expire about a year after they are made; and this is enough for several dozen horses for more than a year, too.


  • Is one of the largest packs.
  • Is apple flavored.
  • Can last for a while.


  • Can be more expensive than most.

This is the same exact apple-flavored formula from the same brand as the last product, but this one can come in a plain 3-pack or a larger 18-pack.

Since the formula is the same, though, you might like this deal better if you want your horse to try this brand out for the first time since a 3-pack is enough for about a year's dosages. Although, there are some horses that do not like the flavor of the package,but it is usually the picky ones.


  • Is one of the largest packs.
  • Is apple flavored.
  • Can last for a while.


  • Can be a hit or miss for them.

This brand is a little more popular when it comes to how well and quickly they work after being taken nearly every time. They are also a little bit bigger of a dose, too, making them great for larger horses.

They can be a little expensive at first, but like with the last couple of products, the price can be worth it in the long run when it comes to getting your horse back in tip-top shape.


  • Can last for a while.
  • Can treat most horses.
  • Is popular.


  • A little more expensive than most.

Another by Durvet, this is a very similar formula to the first two products, but it is flavored a bit differently, so some horses can like it a little bit more or less depending on their preference.

You might like this one best since it is one of the more affordable 6-packs out there now. It does work pretty quickly compared to the other formula, but it does not treat horses that are bigger than 1250 pounds, unlike the last product.


  • Is one of the most affordable deals.
  • Can last for a while.
  • Is one of the most popular.


  • Is harder to find in larger packs.

One of the more expensive single doses out there, this is actually a bit of a larger dose than most of the other brands on this list; 7.35gm.

Still, it can work fairly quickly and well for most horses at or under 1250 pounds, and it is one of the best ones out there that horses like for the unique scent and flavor, meaning medicine time will most likely go by smoothly and painlessly.

It especially does a good job when it comes to taking care of any tapeworms that your horse may have as well as the other parasites that they can treat, but you may need to get multiple bottles of this at a time, which can be a little less cost-efficient but worth it for your horses' comfort.


  • Is one of the most affordable.
  • Is one of the most popular.
  • Is flavored to be liked.


  • Can be more expensive than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Quickly Do Horse Dewormers Work?

Depending on the quality of the wormer and how active your horse is, you can start to see the results within the first day, but usually, you start to notice the improvements within the first couple of days at the latest.

There are some parasites and worms that can be a little more stubborn and tricky that require you to call a vet and get antibiotics or other medications, but most of the time, the horse dewormer is all that is needed.

Still, if you do not notice a change in your horses' health within the first day, better to be safe than sorry; call the vet and ask for their opinion and if they should come to check on the horse.

Are They Usually Expensive?

It depends on where you are buying them from, how strong they are, and if you are just buying a single dose or enough to last for a week or longer. It can be a little expensive to buy just a single tube (depending on the brand), and buying them in bulk can save you money if you need several doses for several horses.

When Should You Give Your Horse a Dewormer?

Just like with other animals, horses can use dewormers from every couple of months to every year or so to be on the safe side, even if they are not showing signs of parasites.

It is actually very common for horses to get them, and once they have them, it is basically impossible to completely get rid of them. At the same time, regularly giving them this medicine can help bring the spring in their step back every with each dose they take.

Final Verdict

The best out of these five horse dewormers would probably be the first product, the Durvet Ivermectin Paste Equine Dewormer - 12 Pack. The regular 12 pack can be enough for several horses for a whole year, and if you worked with even more than that, you could always go big for one of the best deals and get the largest pack of them all.

While the flavor can be a hit or miss, it is hard to beat the long-term value these dewormers have, even if they initially cost a lot when you first get them.

Feel free to click on their links and compare them with each other to see if your horse could use them any time for their condition.

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