October 24, 2019

Horse Grooming Kit Recommendations

Horse Grooming Kits

When it comes to finding the right horse grooming kit, you need to consider the needs of your horses. This can include finding the right type of combs for your horses and even different types of handles to maintain a good grip while you use it.

There are other things to consider as well, such as the thickness of the brush and the material, so we will provide you with five different grooming kits. Look at each one and find the one you think will be best for your horses.

Top 5: Horse Grooming Kits Review

Rambo Newmarket Grooming Kit - Navy Whitney Stripes

This (Rambo 7-PC Horse Grooming Kit) kit provides seven different items to keep your horse groomed. This includes brushes for the face, dandy, tail and mane and body. There's also a sweat scraper, hoof pick and a curry comb. This provides for the basic needs of horse grooming.

This kit works great since it keeps things organized and makes it convenient to access whichever brush you may need for your horses.

The bag has straps to make it easy to carry and transport to your horses. There are also various zippers and pouches to place the bags in and any other grooming equipment you may want while caring for your horses.

The bag only weighs 3.7 pounds, which makes it easy to transport and carry. You can easily leave the kit inside of your house so that it doesn't get dirty. When it's time to groom your horses, bring it outside.


  • Multiple brushes for different purposes.
  • Lots of color options for the kit.
  • Allows you multiple spots to place brushes.


  • There are not a ton of reviews.
Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Horse Grooming Kit

This (Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit) grooming kit includes a stiff brush, a soft brush, a mane and tail brush, a mane and tail comb, a hoof pick, a coarse curry comb and a carrying case. This makes it so that you can easily keep your grooming kit in one place.

The variety of combs also provide different options for different types of horse coats. For example, a stiff brush would work for thicker coats while soft brushes work well for thinner coats. This makes this a great kit for multiple horses.

The bag has a shoulder strap for carrying and only weighs 2.3 pounds. However, there's only one zipper to store all the brushes in.

The brushes have rubber handles, making them softer and easier for people to hold. This makes it so that if you have many horses to groom, your hands won't get as sore as quickly.


  • Very lightweight, making it easy to carry..
  • One of the cheaper options.
  • Different types of brushes for different types of coats.


  • Not as pouches for the brushes.
Weaver Leather Grooming Kit, Black/Beige

Weaver Leather goes with a different approach by having a grooming kit as a tote rather than a bag. This makes each of the brushes easily accessible. However, because of the smaller pouches, some brushes might fall out easier.

This (Grooming Kit by Weaver Leather) kit includes these brushes: face, mane and tail and dandy brush. There's also a comb, hoof pick, coarse curry and a sweat scraper coarse curry combo. The various pouches add to the further accessibility of the tote bag included.

Since the kit only weighs 2.7 pounds, it's also a lightweight bag and easy to carry. It also has a draw string to close it and an adjustable shoulder strap to carry it.

Some of the brushes provide a spot to comfortably place your index and middle finger. This allows you to grip the brushes between your fingers so that you avoid hurting your hands from gripping the brush. You can still grip it if you prefer.


  • Different pouches and ways to carry your brushes.
  • Multiple colors available with most of them at the same price.
  • Includes a way to hold the brush comfortably with your index and middle fingers.


  • Some of the pockets may cause your brushes to slip out.
Tough-1 Great Grips 6 Piece Brush Set with Bag Pur

Going with a different approach, this product provides six different grooming tools instead of seven. This includes various brushes, such as a flex finish brush, tail and mane brush and a stiff bristle brush.

The set also includes comb, sweat scraper and hoof pick. It includes a carrying case with pockets on the outside and zippers to also store your grooming supplies in. This gives the kit carrying versatility along with a handle to pick up and carry it.

The different types of bristles provide you with a brush that will work with your horses' coats. This ensures that you can use the right brush for your horses.

This bag only weighs 1.1 pounds, making it one of the lightest options on the market. You can purchase this bag, have places to put your grooming supplies and still have space to store other supplies. This works for those who already have some supplies.


  • The blue one provides a low cost option.
  • Multiple pockets to store your grooming supplies.
  • Plenty of space and a zipper to store more supplies if necessary.


  • Price
Equestria Sport Grooming Set - Blue - Part #: 2107

This (Equestria 8 Piece Grooming Set) brings multiple pieces to the set, including a carrying case. It includes various brushes, a comb and a hoof pick to help groom your horses. It only comes in blue, but that does keep all the bags at one consistent price.

It also offers multiple pockets and a zipper to place different grooming items in it. This also provides extra room if you want to store other grooming items with it.

It also includes a strap to make it easy to carry the kit by hand. This makes it easily transportable from whatever location you leave the kit at. One of the brushes includes a hand strap to make it easier to use and hold onto.

The product weighs 3.25 pounds, which makes it reasonable to carry around with much trouble. They also make the brushes more visually appealing by having the bristles match the handles and bag.


  • Multiple pockets and a zipper for storage.
  • The overall package is aesthetically appealing, matching each other.
  • Hand strap included on one of the brushes to make it easier to use.


  • Few reviews on the product.

Buying Guide

Some may wonder what should be in a horse grooming kit. Overall, a horse grooming kit needs various brushes for different purpose and a horse pick. These items help the most when maintaining and grooming horses.

I would rank some of these items accordingly:

Horse Grooming Tips For Beginners

Newbies and Solid Horse Grooming Strategies

It can feel like a dream to have a wonderful and gorgeous horse you can call your own. Horse ownership, however, isn't a joke. It's something that calls for a significant degree of responsibility. Horse owners have to do anything they can to keep their animals safe and healthy. That's why they have to put ample time and energy into managing grooming tasks.

If you're a newbie to the universe of horse ownership, though, you don't have to feel overwhelmed or confused. That's because setting up and orchestrating a strong horse grooming routine isn't as tough as you may suspect.

What exactly makes horse grooming sessions so indispensable? Regular grooming work can keep your horse's complexion in check. Don't forget that the skin of a horse can safeguard the animal from all kinds of unpleasant diseases. If you want to promote optimal skin health, then you need to prioritize thorough grooming work.

Grooming can activate circulation. It can zero in on the muscles of a horse. It at the same time can spread oils that can pave the way for a lustrous coat that looks and feels like a million dollars.

Don't forget, either, that grooming your horse can be a superb bonding experience. If you want your new horse to have a strong rapport with you, then it can help to make in-depth grooming a top priority. Horses tend to be fond of the pampering they receive during grooming sessions. It often motivates them to have confidence in their owners as well.

1. Focus on the Feet

If you want to groom your horse correctly, it can be smart to kick things off with his or her feet. It can help you to invest in a hoof pick. Hoof picks make it easy to do away with little rocks and debris. They can do a lot to keep hooves fresh and immaculate. Steer clear of the foot's frog. You should make a point to regularly assess the state of your horse's shoes and feet. Touch your horse's legs in detail. Do you detect any inexplicable scratches or bumps? If you do, then it may be time to seek the assistance of a veterinarian who specializes in all facets of horse care.

2. Try Your Hand at Currying

Currying is a major part of any and all horse grooming regimens. Begin at the top of your horse's neck. Then make your way over to his or her tail. Utilize a curry comb. Do so with movements that are circular. What exactly can currying accomplish for a horse? Currying, first and foremost, can do away with hair that's on the verge of being shed. It can do away with any lingering dirt. It can activate and rub the muscles and the skin alike. Currying can even promote the spreading of skin oils that are natural. If you want your horse's coat to look more radiant than ever, currying can get you on the right track.

You should make a point to invest in a top-notch curry comb. A reputable equine veterinarian may be able to provide you with first-class curry comb suggestions. Curry combs are made to remove dirt that may be caught up inside of horse coats. You should comb your horse's coat in the direction that goes against its growth. Steer clear of parts of the body that are particularly delicate. Examples are the legs and the face. If you steer clear of these sections, then you may be able to spare your horse a lot of frustration.

3. Get Rid of Any and All Knots

Horses are just like human beings in that they have hair that's sometimes prone to tangling or knotting. If you want to keep your horse's coat in tiptop shape, then you should go above and beyond to comb out any and all persistent knots. The assistance of a mane comb can go a long way for this purpose. Once you retrieve this type of comb, you can kick things off at the lower section of your horse's hair. Brush his or her coat toward the ground. It may be a smart idea to secure a designated grooming spray for horses. These formulas can remove tangles of all intensity levels with ease. They simplify the brushing process in general. They also safeguard horse coats.

4. Take Full Advantage of a Body Brush

The collection of dirt and debris on the surface of the body is a huge dilemma for many people who own horses. If you want to keep your beloved horse clean and flawless, then it may be time to secure a body brush. Body brushes have the ability to do away with any and all remnants of stubborn dirt and debris, after all. These brushes have bristles that are lengthy. They have bristles that are rather rigid as well. That's how they can eliminate dirt that curry combs cannot.

5. Utilize a Classic Finishing Brush

Finishing brushes, true to the name, complete all horse grooming sessions. What makes finishing brushes so distinctive in the horse grooming department? These brushes are equipped with bristles that are a lot shorter. Their bristles are nowhere near as rigid and tough, too. They're remarkably smooth. Finishing brushes can do wonders for people who want to highlight horse coat radiance. People frequently use these brushes on horse faces. If you do not own a designated horse facial grooming brush, then a finishing brush should work like a charm for you.

You should do away with dirt that has collected on your animal's throat area, ears and face. After your work is done, you can put a grooming spray on your horse. These sprays can often help defend horses against the sun's aggressive ultraviolet rays. They at the same time can also make horse coats look a lot glossier and more appealing to all. If you need suggestions that involve horse grooming practices, do not hesitate to consult a seasoned equine veterinarian.

Final Verdict

Spend some time looking through each of these kits for yourself. By looking at what each one offers, you can figure out which will be best for your situation. Not matter what, all of these are great options to groom your horses.

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