April 11, 2020

Horse Feed Reviews

Horse Feed

Are you a proud horse owner? Or, maybe you're getting things in order to finally get that horse you've always dreamed of owning. Either way, finding the right food to feed your horse is an important task.

We have compiled reviews of five of the best horse feeds on the market. Read through our reviews to find the option that will best meet the needs of your horse to keep them healthy and well-nourished.

Top 5: Review of Horse Feed

A good feed option you can consider for your horse is The Missing Link Equine Plus Formula. This product includes glucosamine that will help support healthy joints and improve your horse's flexibility.

The feed has a flaxseed base which contains a lot of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The Omega fatty acids help with absorbing fat-soluble vitamins. This will support different parts of your horse including their immune system, muscles, tendons, ligaments, energy levels, and intercellular health.

The Missing Link Equine Plus Formula has also been formulated to include dietary fiber. Fiber is an important part of a horse's diet since it can help keep their digestive system healthy.

The nutrients found in this feed will also help your horse's teeth to get stronger and make their hooves tougher.

There are no preservatives, artificial flavors, or artificial colors included in this food.


  • Glucosamine is added to this food to help improve your horse's flexibility and joints.
  • There is dietary fiber found in this option to help with digestion.
  • There are no artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives found in this food.


  • You will need to refrigerate this food after you open the bag.

The Calf-Manna Performance Supplement can be used with cattle, rabbits, swine, and goats in addition to horses. It is a supplement that you can add to your horse's regular food to help ensure they're getting the nutrients they need. This option is also designed to be used through all life stages, so you can feed it to old and young horses alike.

This feed is formulated with high-quality proteins that will help your horse grow and develop. It also includes digestible carbohydrates that will provide energy to your horse.

Linseed meal is also in this feed. It adds protein and oil to your horse's diet to help give their coat a healthy and shiny appearance.

The Calf-Manna Performance Supplement comes in pellet form. To make this product taste more appealing, anise and brewers dried yeast have been added to it. The brewer's dried yeast will also help your horse to properly digest their food.

You can purchase this option in a 25- or 50-pound bag.


  • The digestible carbohydrates will help provide your horse with the energy needed to be active and healthy.
  • This option can be used with horses of all ages.
  • You can also use this supplement with cows, goats, pigs, and rabbits.


  • This is a more expensive option.

If your horse is underweight, and you're looking for a supplement that will help him gain weight, the Horse Guard Super Weight Gain Equine Supplement is a great option to consider. This supplement is formulated using high-quality proteins, instead of just sugar and starch like you'll find in some other weight-gain supplements.

This product also contains probiotics and prebiotics to help keep your horse's gut healthy. The feed is also formulated with vitamins and trace minerals that are essential for the overall health of horses.

You'll likely notice an increase in your horse's energy levels when you feed them this product. Full oil soy beans are one of the key ingredients found in it, and they will help give your horse the energy they need to be active and healthy.

Horse Guard uses only quality ingredients. They are very selective and only choose pharmaceutical- grade ingredients that are bio-available.

This feed can be purchased in a 10-pound or 40-pound bag.


  • This feed can help an underweight horse gain weight by adding quality proteins to their diet.
  • Vitamins and trace minerals are included in this product to support the overall health of your horse.
  • Only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients are used by Horse Guard in their feeds.


  • Depending on your horse, it may take some time for you to notice results.

The Phoenix Renew Gold Supplement is another great option to consider. This supplement comes in a 30-pound bag. Depending on the size of your horse, they'll need between ½ and 1 ½ pounds added to their food each day.

This feed is designed to provide concentrated nutrition to your horse's diet. It includes quality proteins, natural vegetable oils, and digestible fiber. This option also has lower amount of starch than sweet feeds or grains.

When creating this feed, the company started with a base of Stabilized Rice Bran fortified with coconut meal and flax. They also fermented yeast culture to help improve your horse's digestive system.

This supplement is designed to be used by all classes of horses. It is made without the use of any GMOs

The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after trying the feed with your horse for six weeks, you can request a full refund.


  • The feed is lower in starch than grains and sweet feeds.
  • Fermented yeast culture is added to the feed to help aid in digestion.
  • If you are not satisfied with your purchase, the manufacturer will give you a refund.


  • The bag will only last for about a month.

Finally, consider the Manna Pro Cool Calories 100 Fat Supplement for Horses. This feed is a good option to consider if your horse is underweight or if you have a performance horse since it has high-caloric density.

Your horse will enjoy an increase in their energy levels when they eat this supplement. It uses a dry fat supplement which can provide them with twice as much energy as they'd get from eating carbohydrates.

Fatty acids are also included in this option. The fatty acids will keep your horse's skin healthy while giving their coat a very glossy look.

Horses enjoy the taste of this feed, so you shouldn't have a hard time getting your horse to eat it. Most horses only need between two and four ounces each day. For underweight horses who are undergoing more intense training, you can increase the amount you give to five to eight ounces each day.

This feed comes in an eight-pound bag. If you choose to purchase two bags at the same time, the average cost per each bag is lower.


  • The dry fat supplement included in this feed can provide horses with twice as much energy as they'd get from eating carbohydrates.
  • You'll notice and improvement in your horse's skin and coat thanks to the fatty acids found in this feed.
  • The feed tastes good and should be easy to get your horse to eat.


  • Artificial flavor is one of the ingredients on this feed.

Buying Guide

Making sure your horse gets all the nutrients they need is important. Choosing the right feed supplement to add to their hay can help you accomplish this task.

All supplements are not the same. Many are created for different purposes. Before selecting a product for your horse, you'll want to think about your horse's specific needs and compare the different options you're considering.

One of the first things you should look for is the feed type. There are many different options available. Think about whether you're looking for a specific product type, such as one that will help an underweight horse gain weight, or one designed for senior horses.

If you're not looking for a specific age- or medical-related reasons, you can also think about whether you are looking for a maintenance or performance feed. Maintenance feeds are lower in calories than performance feeds. They also contain vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in hay.

Performance feeds have more fat and calories than maintenance feeds. In general, you'll want to try to avoid feeds that have high-starch contents.

There are also different feed forms to consider. They are sweet feeds, pelleted feeds, and extruded feeds/hay replacers.

Sweet feeds, as their name suggests, have been sweetened using molasses. These are only a good option to consider if your horse gets enough regular exercise. Otherwise, they may develop obesity or metabolic problems.

Pelleted feeds often contain a wider variety of ingredients. They may incorporate bran, flax, beet pulp, alfalfa meal or cereal grains into the feed.

Senior horses who are missing teeth often have a hard time eating hay. Extruded feeds are designed to completely take the place of feeding hay to your horse. You'll find a variety of different options including hay pellets, hay cubes, and fortified feeds.

Before making a final decision about a feed for your horse, be sure to take a close list at the ingredient list. The backbone of a horse's diet should always be forage. Other ingredients you may see in feeds include cereal grains, proteins, beet pulp, and plant byproducts.

Top Pick

If you're looking for an excellent feed to supplement your horse's diet, consider the Missing Link Equine Plus Formula. This option is especially good if you're looking to help your horse improve or maintain her flexibility and support healthy joints because it has glucosamine in it.

The Missing Link Equine Plus Formula has a base of flaxseeds. It has lots of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which aid in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. This feature of the food can help support your horse's immune system, intercellular health, energy levels, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

This feed option also includes dietary fiber to help your horse maintain a healthy digestive system. In this product, there are also a variety of nutrients that were selected because of their ability to help make your horse's hooves tougher and their teeth stronger.

You'll be able to feel good about your decision to offer this feed to your horse; it does not contain any artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should a Horse Eat Every Day?

The amount you need to feed a horse each day will differ depending on their weight. Horses should eat somewhere between 1.5% and 3% of their body weight each day. For a full-grown horse, this works out to be about 15 to 20 pounds of food.

What Do Horses Eat?

Horses love eating hay. They may eat different types of hay like oat, Bermuda, alfalfa, timothy, or orchard. In addition to hay, they also enjoy grains such are barley, corn, and oats. You can find pre-packaged feed for horses that is made up of these grains, also called concentrates. You can also feed a horse a few fruit and vegetable treats like apples, carrots, watermelon, apricots, bananas, celery, beets, and berries. It is also important to note that horses need to drink a lot of water each day. They'll need as much as 12 gallons of clean water every day.

What Foods Are Dangerous for Horses to Eat?

You should avoid giving any of the foods listed below to your horse. They can cause a variety of problems from being a choking hazard to being poisonous for horses.

  • Chocolate.
  • Meat.
  • Caffeine.
  • Dairy products.
  • Bread products.
  • Garlic or onions.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Rhubarb.
  • Potatoes.
  • Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.
  • Avocados.
  • Stone fruits.
  • Lawn clippings or compost.

Final Verdict

All in all, we think the Missing Link Equine Plus Formula is a great product for you to consider. However, since every horse is different, one of the options we reviewed above may be the best fit for your horse. Since all five of the products we reviewed are highly recommended, you'll be making a sound decision for your horse's health by choosing any of them.

Now, if you have already made a final decision, read through our reviews again and select the feed that will best meet the needs of your horse. Then, be sure to place your order right away so your horse will be able to start reaping the benefits of the feed you selected.

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