November 10, 2019

Our Favorite Hamster Wheels

Hamster Wheels

Hamsters are small, adorable creatures, and they are one of the most popular pets in the country. These animals can fit inside a small cage, and they only eat seeds. Maintaining a pet hamster is not expensive – all you need to do is to give them food and leave water on their bowls.

For other hamster owners, they wanted to give their pets something better. They spend money to buy hamster homes complete with different amenities. Hamster homes are usually made from wood, and similar to a dollhouse, the rooms are divided based on its purpose.

Hamsters love to stay inside their homes while eating seeds and drinking water. If you wanted to keep a hamster as a pet, you need to read do a research first and understand the biology of these animals. Once you managed to get some information about the hamsters, go to a pet store and choose your pet.

Hamsters also need an exercise wheel to keep them healthy. The majority of pet shops across the country sell these wheels, but if you do not want to go outside, you can always check Amazon and see which one will work the best for your hamster.

There are many hamster wheels posted on Amazon, but you can read the feedback from the public to help you decide which one to buy. This article focuses on the best hamster wheels on the website, and we gathered the five best products on Amazon to give you an idea of which one to buy.

Top 5: Hamster Wheels Review

Hamster owners consider a lot of things when it comes to their pet’s wheel. What the majority of pet owners wanted is a wheel that their hamsters will enjoy. They are also looking for a product that will encourage these small animals to keep a healthy and active lifestyle.

If you own a hamster at home, you should consider buying a wheel for their cage. Because of their small size, it is difficult to take the hamsters outside for a walk. You might also lose your pet if you decide to take it out, and a lot of predators are waiting outside to eat your pet.

Their safety should be your priority, and because of the natural threats that can harm your pet outside, it is better if you will buy a wheel online and install it in their cage. That way, the hamster will still enjoy staying inside your house because they have a wheel to play with.

The following lists down the best hamster wheels on Amazon:

Kaytee Run-About Ball Mega Clear 13"

This Kaytee exercise wheel for your pet has a diameter of thirteen inches, and it is one of the biggest in the market. Hamsters will enjoy using this because of its size, and it comes in different colors. Your pets will develop a healthy lifestyle after they used this wheel.


  • This product has a diameter of thirteen inches.
  • Provide your hamsters with a wheel that they can play with. This will encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle, while at the same time, providing them with additional security. This product can be locked to provide additional safety measures for your pet.
  • This product can also serve as a holding area for your pet, especially when you are cleaning their home.


  • The manufacturers thought carefully about the design of the product and considered the needs of the hamsters. It works as advertised.
  • Most hamster owners reported that their pets loved the wheel and started playing with it the moment it was installed.


  • The product becomes discolored after using it for a month.
  • The materials used to create this product are thin, and it is very fragile.
  • The wheels would sometimes fail to stay, and it has to be secured.
Kaytee Hamster Silent Spinner, 6 1/2 inch Exercise Wheel, Colors Vary

This Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel product is one of the highest-rated hamster wheels on Amazon, and it provides the small critters with a chance to live a healthy lifestyle. This wheel creates minimal noise, and it works perfectly with hamsters and other small rodents.

It is also equipped with a ball-bearing technology that has been patented by the manufacturers. They also claim that this technology is the reason why the wheels create minimal noise, in contrast to the traditional ones that are made from metal.

The manufacturers also thought about the safety of your pets when they designed this wheel. They eliminated the spacing on the wires to make sure that the hamster’s feet will not be caught in between. It is very safe for your pet, and they will enjoy using it for hours.

You can use this product in two different ways – either attach to the wire cage or use it as a free-standing structure. You will never be wrong with the quality of this product, as it is made from the best materials.


  • The product was designed to reduce the noise created when the wheel spins. The manufacturers guarantee that whenever the hamster decides to run on the wheel, the noise it will produce is minimal.
  • Your hamster will develop a healthy lifestyle when they start using the wheels. It will encourage them to run and improve their health.
  • The wheels have a diameter of twelve inches, making it a suitable exercising platform for hamsters and other small rodents.


  • The wheels are big, and the hamsters can move inside easily.
  • You have two choices of setting it up, but the free-standing option is the best one.
  • The product has an outstanding design, and the choice of color is superb.
  • It works as advertised – the wheels do not produce any noise when used.


  • When receiving the product for the first time, the wheels felt tight, and it has difficulty turning. If it happens to you, adjust the screw on the center of the wheel to help it move freely.
Kaytee Comfort Wheel Large 8.5"

This Kaytee Comfort Wheel product provides your hamsters with an exercise wheel that is safe to use. The designers also considered the welfare of the animals and provided them with an easy way to enter and exit the wheels. The wheels can be clipped on the cage, or assemble as a free-standing structure.

Pet owners who chose this wheel were given an option to pick the size that they wanted. These are the sizes that are currently available: small, large, or giant. It is a perfect add-on for your hamster’s cage, and they will like it.


  • This wheel can be installed by attaching it to one of the wires of the cage, or by building it as a free-standing structure inside the cage.
  • The hamsters will live a healthy lifestyle, as the design will encourage them to exercise regularly.
  • The product comes in different colors.


  • The wheels spin smoothly, and the hamsters running on it are not impacted by the wobbling motion that it sometimes produces.
  • Your pet’s feet and tail are safe and secured because the wheel is designed as a compact, single unit, without any gaps in between.
  • Cleaning the wheel is easy, and it will usually take you a couple of minutes to complete it.


  • The wheels produce a noise when it knocks on the axle, and it happens normally when a hamster is using it. You can use Vaseline or other lubricants to give it a smoother spin.
  • It should be cleaned regularly, especially if the hamster keeps on peeing while they run. Because it does not have any gaps, the pee stays inside.
Kaytee Dwarf Hamster Mini Run-About Exercise Ball

If you wanted your hamster to be active, this Kaytee Dwarf Hamster Exercise Ball product is highly recommended for you. It will help your pet move with ease, and it will help them enjoy their stay inside the cage.

You can also use this exercise ball as a temporary area for your pet when you are cleaning their home.

The controlled exercise environment resulting from using this product will encourage your pets to be more active. Most pet owners who have purchased this product are stating that they are satisfied with the results.


  • It provides your pet with an environment where they can exercise.
  • The product is secured, and you can be assured that your pet can use it safely.
  • The wheel has a diameter of five inches.
  • This product is recommended for hamsters and other small rodents.


  • The product is adorable, and the hamsters will surely love it.
  • You can take your pets with you as you go to the kitchen or the living room since they are restricted inside the ball. The ball is big enough for you to see, and it can move by your pet’s motion. It is light and your pets can surely push it.
  • It is easy to store, and it does not eat up a lot of space.
  • It is sold at an affordable price.


  • The product needs to be cleaned regularly.
  • The lid can pop-off if the hamster hits it too hard. You should be looking at them closely while they play to ensure that they will not escape.
  • The product feels like it will break easily if you apply a small amount of force.
Silent Runner 9" - Exercise Wheel + Cage Attachment - for Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice and Other Small Pets

The manufacturer of this Silent Runner Exercise Wheel product boasts that it is safe, silent, and sanitary. When it comes to hamster wheels, the priority of the owners is the safety of their pets. This product is equipped with the latest technology that keeps the wheels in place, preventing the hamsters from being injured.

It is also one of the quietest hamster wheels on the market. Buyers stated that the company’s claim is true, and it does not produce any noise. Finally, the wheels can be disassembled to help pet owners easily remove all waste.


  • It has an axle-free design, and the manufacturer eliminated the center bar. This means that fur and tail entanglement can be avoided.
  • The wheel glides smoothly, and it does not produce any noise.
  • There are no hidden nooks on the wheels where poo can slip through. It can be disassembled easily for deep cleaning purposes.
  • Shipping lasts for three days on average, and it can be delivered anywhere in the United States.


  • The product works as advertised – it produces minimal noise.
  • It encourages the pet to run.


  • Cleaning the wheel is a hassle because of the detachable parts.
  • Limited color choices.

Best Hamster Wheel

The best hamster wheel on the list is the Kaytee Run-About 13-inch Mega Clear Ball.

Kaytee Run-About Ball Mega Clear 13"

Best Value

When it comes to the product with the best value, the Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel deserved to be recognized.

Kaytee Hamster Silent Spinner, 6 1/2 inch Exercise Wheel, Colors Vary

The Kaytee Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel is sold at a very low price, and more than a thousand people left their reviews on the product’s page. With the features involved in this product, you can be assured that your money is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wheels bad for your hamster?

No, hamster wheels are not bad for your pet. It is actually encouraged to keep a wheel inside their cages because they need to do exercise.

Is it OK to leave your hamster on its cage with a wheel inside?

Yes, you can leave the hamster inside its cage, but make sure that you will only leave the animal for 48 hours. Beyond that is risky – however, some reported that their hamsters survived even if they left it for a week.

How do I know if the wheel is too small?

Observe your hamster and see if their backs are arched when they run. If it happens, the wheel that your purchased it too small.

What are the benefits of a hamster wheel?

Hamsters have an innate instinct to run. In fact, they can run more than 5 miles each night out in the wild.

Without this critical exercise, pet hamsters can experience weight gain and other health issues. Hamster wheels are an easy and effective way to help your pet not only get their daily exercise but also reduce stress and burn off their natural energy.

These wheels are also an activity outlet for your pet, which is particularly critical for hamsters that live primarily in cages. Running provides mental stimulation and decreases boredom while you are sleeping or otherwise unable to spend time with your furry friend.

Can a hamster wheel help with paralysis?

Hamsters that do not have access to a wheel may lose muscle mass in their bodies. This phenomenon is often compounded by cages that are too small.

In these situations, your pet may suffer from obesity and paralysis if your pet is not able to get sufficient exercise. Signs of hamster paralysis include a contorted position and difficulty with using its hind legs.

The good news is that a larger cage and a hamster wheel can sometimes help reverse these issues. Enabling your pet to get more exercise may help increase flexibility and cause weight loss. Improving these factors often results in your friendly critter regaining much of his or her usual energy and mobility.

What types of hamster wheels are available?

There are two primary types of hamster wheels available: metal wheels and plastic wheels. Each of these types has their own pros and cons.

Metal wheels are more durable and can resist chewing or other damage from daily use. However, it is possible that your pet's leg may slip through the metal rungs, which could injure them. In addition, metal wheels may generate more noise than similar plastic options.

Plastic wheels provide a viable alternative to some of the negatives associated with the metal options. Plastic wheels can be molded into one solid piece, which means that there are fewer gaps and fewer opportunities for your hamster to hurt itself. Plastic wheels also come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

These options will allow you to pick a wheel that best fits your pet's personality. However, it is possible that your hamster could more easily chew on and damage a plastic wheel than a similar metal one.

What size of hamster wheel is best?

Generally, the bigger the wheel the better. Hamster's run flat on the ground and take long strides when they run. They do not naturally arch their backs.

You want to get a wheel that is large enough to mimic running in the wild as much as possible. You will know that the wheel is too small if you see your pet arching his or her back while running.

The optimal wheel diameter will depend upon the expected size of your hamster's breed. For example, smaller breeds such as Dwarf or Roborovski hamsters may only require a wheel that is 6 inches in diameter.

In contrast, Syrian hamsters or other larger breeds will often need a wheel that is at least 8 inches in diameter. If the cage is large enough, you may want to consider an 11-inch diameter to provide ample space for your furry friend to run.

How noisy are hamster wheels?

The noise level will vary depending upon the primary material of the wheel and the bearings that are used to turn it. Metal wheels, while more durable, will likely be louder than a similarly sized plastic wheel. The metal-on-metal contact between the wheel rungs and the bearings can cause squealing if the components are not properly lubricated.

Certain high-quality plastic wheels are nearly silent. This fact can be a major advantage over metal options.

Hamsters are nocturnal creatures, which means that they are highly active at night. In fact, your pet may get the majority of its exercise at night. As a result, you will thank yourself for buying a high-quality, quiet wheel that will not disturb you in the middle of the night and/or will not require you to move the cage to a different location at night.

How often should hamsters run on a wheel?

Hamsters need a variety of physical activity every day. You should expect that your pet will run on his or her wheel every night for up to 6 miles. Given the expected amount of use, buying a high-quality wheel will be an investment that will provide years of use for your pet and potential entertainment for you.

Is it possible for a hamster to run too much on its wheel?

Yes, it is possible for a hamster to run too much on its wheel. This issue often occurs due to a number of factors.

First, hamsters who are kept in a cage most of the day are often bored and see running as a way to pass the time. Second, hamsters have a strong drive to run. If they do not have other toys, tunnels, ladders or other outlets to expend energy inside their cage, then they may run excessively.

A hamster's diet may also cause it to turn too much on its wheel. High energy foods such as sunflower seeds may make your hamster hyperactive. Your pet may feel like it needs to run to burn off the extra energy, especially if its cage is smaller or cramped.

What else can you do to make sure that your hamster remains happy, healthy and safe on its wheel?

Hamsters that run too much may develop foot sores, leg or back issues. You may want to consider buying a cage that has two or more levels with ladders, tunnels and other interactive paths that your pet can use in addition to the wheel.

Hamsters also like to forage for food in the wild. You can also spread food around different areas of the cage to ensure that your furry friend needs to dig, root and scavenge for its meal.

Time outside of its cage in a ball specifically designed for your pet may also provide another outlet. While hamster wheels are perhaps the best and generally safest options for your pet to get exercise, adding variety into its home will help avoid over utilization.

Why should I buy a hamster wheel instead of a saucer or a hamster ball?

As noted above, your pet needs plenty of daily exercise and activity to maintain its health and happiness. Balls, saucers and other toys can provide useful alternatives to provide your pal with a break from his or her wheel.

However, hamsters should only remain in balls outside of their cages for up to 30 minutes. Any longer than that and your pet may experience overheating and dehydration.

Furthermore, balls pose certain risks to your hamster and require more supervision than a wheel in its cage. Balls need to be kept on flat surfaces and should not be used near stairs or other ledges. Hamsters who fall off of high places while in their balls can be severely injured.

Saucers feature a flat, plate-like disk that hamsters can run on top of instead of running up and down on a wheel. These disks feature enclosed moving parts, which means that there is no risk of your pet's foot or leg getting caught in the mechanism.

However, these saucers may not be as intuitive for your pet to use as the tried and true hamster wheel. Furthermore, the open nature of the saucer makes it easier for multiple hamsters to try and use it at the same time. This design may pose safety hazards to particularly social breeds.

How much does a hamster wheel cost?

Small diameter, open hamster wheels can cost as little as $2. Wheels with larger diameters or ones that are partially enclosed can cost up to $20 or more.

Typically, your more expensive wheels will have solid, rattle-free construction that offers more silent operation than the cheaper alternatives. Furthermore, larger, enclosed wheels often provide increased safety when compared to the standard open designs.

Final Verdict

Visit today and start choosing the hamster wheel that you wanted to buy for your pet! Check the reviews and the features posted on the website.

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