March 30, 2020

Ferret Food Review

Ferret Food

All pet owners know that the food they give their pets can affect their mental and physical health in all kinds of ways, and ferrets are no different. So, if you have a ferret or you are thinking about getting one, here are some of the best foods that you can get for them today to help improve their health.

You can keep reading on after that to find out just how important choosing the right food is, too.

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If you are looking for a food that is less likely to cause your ferret to become constipated or get diarrhea, then you may want to give this food a better look since it does not contain one of the most popular fillers that animal foods use that is bad for the health of your pets: corn.

It is also one of the few ferret foods that you can get in several different sized bags: 4 pounds, 8 pounds, and a 2-pack of the 4-pound bag, and it contains a large amount of natural chicken and eggs, one of the best ingredients to have in ferret food.


  • Comes in several sizes.
  • Is specially designed for ferrets.
  • Contains no corn.


  • Is one of the more expensive ones.

This food is about as safe as the last one between the lack of fillers within the food and the healthy amounts of protein and fat that are in each serving, but it is a little bit healthier since most of the natural ingredients are organic, including the meat.

You may also like this food more if you like to keep an extra stock of it for a long time since it is one of the few ones that you can get in a 4-pack (each bag being 5 pounds).

The one downside is that it can take a little while to see how much healthier your ferret is becoming (shinier coat, cleaner teeth, etc).


  • Comes in several sizes.
  • Is specially designed for ferrets.
  • Has no starch.


  • Can take a few days to see results.

While this is not so much of a food as it is a supplement, you can feed a little bit of this to your ferret in place of your food if they are older or recovering from being sick due to how many nutrients are in a single serving.

You can also get it in a single 4.5-ounce bag or a 2-pack, and for a decent price, too. If you have other animals, you do not have to worry too much about them getting into it either since it can be eaten by animals like cats and be just as healthy for them, but you may not want to completely feed them the supplements.


  • Comes in several sizes.
  • Is one of the most affordable.
  • Can be eaten by other animals.


  • Is more of a supplement than food.

This food is a little more affordable and does have a high amount of protein that is good for your ferret, but it is only available in a 22-ounce bag, meaning you will have to remind yourself to either get multiple single bags or buy them on a regular basis.

Still, the food is meant for ferrets and only ferrets, leading to the ingredients that can be highly beneficial towards their health.


  • Is one of the most affordable.
  • Is specially designed for ferrets.
  • Is high in protein.


  • Only available in one size.

This bag of food is much like the last one, but it comes in a bit of a bigger size, 2.5 pounds. The texture is a little more firm and hard, but that is because it is designed to help strengthen your ferret's teeth.

Between the meaty protein and the assorted produce, there are quite a few vitamins and nutrients that your ferret could use and love compared to a lot of the other foods out there.


  • Is one of the most affordable.
  • Is specially designed for ferrets.
  • Contains needed supplements.


  • Is only available in one size.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Should You Get?

If you only have one ferret, you have two choices: buy a bag that will last them about a month or buy them a larger one that will last them a long time so that you do not have to remember to buy it on a regular basis.

At the same time, if you are buying a new kind of food that your ferret has never tried before, it can be a good idea to get the smallest bag possible in case they are a bit picky with the food and decide that they do not like it.

There are a few brands that have a satisfaction guarantee so that you can get your money back if your ferret won't eat the food, but they are pretty rare and if there is no guarantee, at least you would have lost less than if you had initially gotten a bigger bag.

Should You Get Food with Supplements?

Most ferret foods come with supplements inside of them to help regulate their digestive system and keep them healthier. These can be a little more expensive than regular food, but it can be worth it if your ferret is a little on the unhealthy side or they do not like to eat often.

If your ferret is pretty healthy and you want to save a few bucks, normal food is usually just fine for them, too.

How Should You Introduce the New Food to Your Ferret?

If you are giving your ferret new food, try to first mix in a little bit with the old food a little at a time and watch them over the next couple of days to see if they start to have a negative reaction to it like constipation, diarrhea, and more.

If they have not shown any signs of a reaction to it, start to mix the food up a bit more (half old and half new). Keep an eye on them as you do this for another few days. After a week or two, you can start solely giving them the new food.

Not only will this help to make sure their health is unaffected by the food, but it is also a nice way of getting them used to the flavor of their new food.

Final Verdict

The safest food that will most likely not cause any kind of reaction would probably be the first product, the ZuPreem Premium Daily Ferret Diet Food. It is one of the few that contains little to no fillers, is specially made for ferrets, and can come in several different sizes.

If you want to look at the ingredients a little more thoroughly or compare them with the other foods, click on the links above to take you to their pages.

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