April 11, 2020

Dog Grooming Clipper Reviews

Dog Grooming Clippers

If you've been thinking about taking care of your dog's grooming on your own, investing in a good pair of dog grooming clippers is important. With the right pair of clippers, you'll have an easier job grooming your dog and, most importantly, will be able to do a better job.

Since there are so many different grooming clippers available, deciding which pair to get can be a challenge. To help make your decision a little easier, we have reviewed five of the best options on the market. Read through our reviews, and you'll be set to make a decision and purchase the product you think will best meet your needs.

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You'll feel like a professional groomer when you use the Wahl Professional Animal Cordless Clipper Kit on your dog. This clipper is cordless, so you won't need to feel constrained or limited in where you'll be able to reach based on where the nearest outlet is. They have a lithium ion battery that will allow you to groom your dog for up to 90 minutes at a time.

The five-in-one adjustable blade makes this product both easy to use and effective. You can choose from sizes 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40 to find the perfect length for your dog's hair.

This is a good option to use with dogs because of its quiet motor and low vibration. It is less likely to scare dogs or give them anxiety because of these features.

You can use this clipper just about any part of your dog's body including their feet, face, and legs. It is designed to be used with small- to medium-sized dogs.

When you purchase this set, you'll receive the clipper, the five-in-one blade set, six attachment guide combs, blade oil, a cleaning brush, a charger and charge stand, a storage case, and an instruction book.

There are five different color options for you to choose from. They are gunmetal, berry, pink, purple, and turquoise. Wahl also includes a one-year limited professional warranty with your purchase.


  • This is a cordless option, so you'll be able to move freely and easily when you use it.
  • The five-in-one blade will allow you to set the clippers to the perfect height for your dog.
  • There are five different color options to choose form.


  • This is the most expensive item we reviewed.

The Ceenwes Dog Clippers come as part of an all-in-one set that will help you meet all of your dog's grooming needs. In addition to the clippers, the set includes four comb attachments (3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-millimeter), a stainless-steel comb, stainless steel scissors, a nail clipper kit, a nail file, dog shears, and a cleaning brush.

This pair of clippers is designed to be very quiet when it is operating. It also produces low amounts of vibration to keep nervous dogs calm when you are grooming them.

As a cordless option, you won't need to worry about feeling tied down to an outlet with this option. The battery takes about five hours to recharge. With a fully charged battery, the clippers will work for about 70 minutes.

The blade on this pair of clippers is a titanium acute-angle blade that is sharp and works well for trimming dog hair. Since you'll also receive four guide combs, you'll be able to trim your dog's hair to the length that is best for them.


  • The clipper is part of a grooming kit that will provide you with other essential tools you'll need to keep your dog well-groomed.
  • The clippers operate very quietly and do not vibrate a lot.
  • They are cordless, so you won't need to be near an outlet to use them.


  • The clippers take five hours to recharge.

Another great option for you to consider are the Oneisall Dog Clippers. You'll be impressed with how well this pair will trim your dog's fur. They have a sharp stainless-steel fixed blade as well as a ceramic moving blade that work together to provide the perfect trim every time.

This is a good pair of clippers to use with dogs who do not like loud noises. They have a quiet motor and very limited vibration.

When you purchase this item, you'll also receive four guard combs. The combs are 3 millimeters, 6 millimeters, 9 millimeters, and 12 millimeters to help you cut your dog's fur to a comfortable and stylish length.

This is a cordless option. The clippers have a built-in lithium ion battery. If needed, you will be able to plug the clippers in to charge and continue using them to finish grooming your dog.


  • The clippers have a sharp stainless-steel fixed blade and a ceramic moving blade.
  • Four guard combs are included with your purchase.
  • The clippers are very quiet when they are running.


  • For dogs who have very long fur, you may need to trim their fur first with a pair of scissors to prevent the clippers from jamming.

If you're looking for a pair of dog grooming clippers that come in a kit with other grooming essentials, consider the Bousnic Dog Clippers. This item includes the clippers, four comb guides, a pair of stainless-steel scissors, a stainless-steel comb, a cleaning brush, and a USB cable for charging.

There are two speed settings you can choose from to help you give your dog's hair a good trim. The clippers also have a very quiet motor and do not vibrate too much. These features will help keep more stressed or anxious dogs at ease as you trim their hair.

This is a cordless option that will allow you to trim your dog's hair without worry about a cord getting in your way or needing to be close to an outlet. They have a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The battery takes about three hours to charge and has a 300-minute runtime.

This option also includes an ergonomic design that will help make the clippers easier to use and keep you more comfortable as you trim your dog's fur.


  • This is a set that includes other grooming essentials in addition to the clippers.
  • You can choose from two different speed settings.
  • The clipper's ergonomic design makes them more comfortable to hold and can help you reach all areas on your dog's body more easily.


  • A USB cable for charging is included, but you will need to supply your own charging box or plug the clippers into a computer to charge.

The Holdog Dog Clippers will help you give your dog a professional-looking grooming from your own home. This pair of clippers has a 33-tooth titanium ceramic blade that works alongside a ceramic movable blade. This design helps the clippers cut through different hair types including curly or wavy hair and longer coats.

You'll receive four adjustable combs with your purchase. The combs are 3 millimeters, 6 millimeters, 9 millimeters, and 12 millimeters. These combs will help you cut your dog's hair to the perfect length to keep them stylish and comfortable.

The Holdog Dog Clippers are a cordless option. They have a long battery life and will last for three to four hours before needing to be recharged. When it is time to recharge the clippers, expect it to take about three hours.

This product has a quiet motor and produces minimal amounts of vibration. Dogs who are more anxious or nervous will appreciate how quiet this option is.


  • You can use these clippers to trim different types of dog hair.
  • Four adjustable combs are included with your purchase.
  • The battery will last for three to four hours between charges.


  • Some of the other options on our list are higher-quality products.

Buying Guide

If you're going to groom your dog yourself, a pair of grooming clippers is a must-have. In order to ensure the product you purchase does what you want it to, you will want to take your time to select a quality product. Read through some of our tips for what you'll want to look for before making a purchase.

First, you should decide if you want a corded or cordless pair of clippers. While some corded options may be more powerful, they'll force you to groom your dog near an outlet, which may not be ideal depending on the set-up of your home. When you use a corded option, you'll also have to work a little more to make sure the cord doesn't get in your way.

If you select a cordless option, be sure to pay attention to the battery life. Look for a product with a battery that will last long enough for you to complete a grooming session. Finding a product that will recharge quickly is also important.

Next, you should look for an option that has a high-quality, durable blade. Carbon steel and stainless steel are both great options to consider.

You will likely also want to find a pair of clippers that have comb guides. These will make it possible for you to trim your dog's hair to a set length. They can be especially helpful if you don't have experience grooming a dog.

Safety features, such as guards to prevent you from accidentally cutting your dog's skin are also important. You will also want to find a pair of clippers that is quiet and does not vibrate too much. Many dogs will become anxious or frightened around louder noises.

Top Pick

If you're looking for a quality pair of dog grooming clippers that will help you get the job done right every time, consider purchasing the Wahl Professional Animal Cordless Clipper Kit. This kit contains a cordless pair of clippers that will make it easy for you to trim your dog's fur without needing to worry about where the nearest outlet is.

The clippers come with a five-in-one adjustable blade that will let you select from sizes 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40 depending on your dog's fur and how short you want it cut. You can use this trimmer on small- and medium-sized dogs.

This option has a very quiet motor and does not vibrate excessively. This makes it a great product to use with dogs who are more sensitive or anxious about loud noises.

The clippers have a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The battery will last for a 90-minute grooming session and will only take 60 minutes to recharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Human Hair Clippers Be Used on Dogs?

No, you should not use a pair of clippers designed for trimming human hair on a dog. While these products may look similar, there are actually many differences between them. Dog clippers are typically designed to be quieter than a pair designed for human hair. This is to help prevent dogs from getting scared by loud noises. Motors that are too powerful can also cause harm to a dog's skin. Human hair clippers also have different blades that are not designed to trim pet fur.

Is It Easier to Cut a Dog's Hair When It Is Wet or Dry?

It will be easier to trim your dog's hair when it is dry. You will want to clean them first and dry them off before trying to trim their hair.

How Often Should Dogs Get Groomed?

The answer to this question may vary significantly depending on the breed of your dog. Most dogs will need to be groomed every month or two, but some with longer hair or curlier coats may need to be groomed more frequently.

Final Verdict

The Wahl Professional Animal Cordless Clipper Kit is an excellent product that we're confident you'll be satisfied with. Place your order today so you can give your furry best friend the grooming they deserve.

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