March 30, 2020

Dog Gate Reviews

Dog Gates

Keeping your dog out of certain rooms where they can get hurt or damage things easily can be a bit of a challenge, but getting a doggy gate can be like using a baby gate for children, effectively.

So, here are some of the best doggy gates that you can get to keep your pup out of trouble as well as some answer to questions you may have about doggy gates in general.

Top 5: Dog Gates Review

This is possibly one of the nicer-looking and yet efficient dog gates out now, and it is also one of the few that you can get in multiple sizes and colors, making it a great option no matter what breed(s) you have.

Some of the colors are restricted to certain sizes, but most sizes can come in either beige, bronze, grey, whitewashed, or slate. The sizes are all 28.5 inches wide by 42, 48, or 52 inches tall, except for the biggest-sized gate that is 29.5 inches wide by 53 inches tall.

The only issue with this gate's functionality is the built-in auto-close feature that it has: it does not always completely latch the gate shut. So, you may want to double-check the latch if you want to be sure that you will not run into your fluffy friend as soon as you turn around.


  • Is one of the higher models.
  • Can come in several colors.
  • Is one of the few with a latch.


  • The auto-close feature can have trouble latching.

While this fence is made for babies, it is actually fairly decent when it comes to being used as a dog gate. It is also one of the longest gates out there, but because it is only 30 inches high, a few medium-sized to large-sized dogs can easily knock it over at the same time if they jump on it at the same time.

It can only come in the one size (30 inches tall and 29 to 56 inches tall) and one color (white), but it is a decent doggy gate for most small breeds, even more so since the bars are pretty close together.


  • Can be used for pets and babies.
  • Is fairly sturdy.
  • Is one of the widest models.


  • Can be knocked down by several dogs.

This is one of the few and high-quality wooden dog gates that you can get that uses these special rubber stoppers to keep it against the walls. With small and medium-sized dogs, it works very well and almost never moves even if they jump on it.

However, being only 28 inches tall, it would probably not work as well against bigger dogs who like to think they are a jumping horse; which they essentially are. Still, this is a nice and simple-looking gate that is not too expensive and can last longer than most other gates.


  • Is one of the widest models.
  • Is durable and sturdy.
  • Has wall-friendly ends.


  • Is not best for large dogs.

This is one of the taller gates that can be adjusted for somewhat larger doorways/areas; it is 30.5 inches tall and 29 to 36.5 inches wide (adjustable). It also stands nearly just as well as the last gate with the four stoppers that are pretty wall-friendly.

If you want a more affordable dog gate for a large or small dog, then this is possibly one of the best gates out there, even more so with how small-dog friendly it is with the mini doggy door in the center.


  • Is easily adjustable.
  • Has a smaller pet door for small dogs and/or cats.
  • Is one of the taller models.


  • Small door can be less durable.

The last on the list, if you want a gate that can cover a very wide doorway or hallway, then this may be the one for you. It is really only effective for small or medium dogs that do not like to jump since it is only 18 inches tall, but it can extend up to 38 inches from the normal 26-inch width that it has.

It is also one of the most affordable dog gates that you can get now, and it has a little doggie door on the one side.


  • Is ideal for smaller dogs.
  • Is one of the wider models.
  • Has a small door.


  • Is not the best for large and medium dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Tall Should Your Dog Gate Be?

This is solely dependent on two things: how big is your biggest dog in the house and can they jump?

If your dog cannot or does not commonly jump, or they cannot jump too high, then you should probably only try to get a gate that is either their exact height or is a little bit taller than them. This can help deter them from even trying to jump over it as well.

On the other hand, even if your dog is on the smaller size but the jump and jump high, you will probably want to get a gate that is higher than how high they can jump; or get the highest model available.

You might not be able to climb over it normally, but it will do fairly well at keeping your dog in or out of a certain room, most of the time.

Do Dog Gates Work Well with Big Dogs?

As long as the gate is made of sturdy material like wood or metal and you have the highest available gate, yes they can. Typically, many large dogs do not try to jump over a gate unless provoked (by people or food). These breeds are usually those with hip or joint problems (even if they are young) like Rottweilers.

But there are some breeds that are larger than average and still like to jump, and there are a few tricks to get them to not jump on the gate or try to jump over it.

How Can You Keep Your Dog from Jumping over or on the Gate?

The most obvious is discipline: first firmly telling your dog 'no' when they jump on the gate or try to jump over it. Try doing it in a normal volume the first time and a raised volume the second. This can let the dog know that you are serious.

If they keep trying it and disciplining them, like in obedience school, does not work, one little trick is to slightly raise the gate off of the ground by a few inches so that, if they do try to jump on or over the crate, they are less likely to succeed.

However, more commonly than not, once they see that the gate is higher, they tend to lose confidence that they will make the jump and will often either give up completely or try a few more times before giving up.

Final Verdict

The Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is possibly the best one that you can get. You can get it in a variety of sizes and colors, it does not need to be drilled or screwed in place, and the auto-close feature can be really convenient; not to mention rare to find in most gates.

If you think you might like the style, click the link to check it out, or if you need a different-sized gate, check out some of the other ones on the list.

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