February 24, 2020

Top Cat Scratching Posts

Cat Scratching Posts

If you are having trouble with getting your cat to stop kneading their claws on your furniture, then you may want to consider getting them a cat scratching post. You might be surprised to learn that they can be pretty affordable, have a long lifespan, and are often more than just a post.

We found some of the most effective and useful scratchers that your cat will hardly stay away from, and we answered some of the most asked questions about them, too.

Top 5: Cat Scratching Posts Review

AmazonBasics Medium Cat Condo Activity Tree Tower with Scratching Post Toy - 16 x 16 x 31 Inches

Whether you have several cats or just a few that you like to spoil, then this is possibly the highest-quality post that you could get, but it would probably be more suitable to call this thing a castle rather than a post.

It can come in 2 different sizes (both beige): medium and large. The medium size is on a square platform, has three posts that hold a second platform (triangle), and a post on that that holds a rounded roost; altogether, it is nearly 3 feet tall.

The large is nearly 4 feet tall and comes with an extra level between the bottom and the triangular level, and that level is another square one.

It can be a little awkward to securely attach the roost, which can be a little too small for any chunky kitties you may have, but once you manage to get it on nice and tight, it barely moves when they jump in it, depending on how they jump.


  • Can come in two different sizes.
  • Can seat several cats.
  • Is ideal for cats of all ages.


  • Can be a little awkward to assemble.
AmazonBasics Top Platform Cat Tree - 18 x 14 x 22 Inches, Beige

This post is kind of the opposite to the last one: it is meant to be a bit smaller but just as useful, and you can get it in several styles depending on the color (beige or gray).

The bottom is a square with two posts on the inside, almost in the middle but leaving enough room for a smaller, non-scratch post that holds a curved platform for a napping cat or several kittens.

The two scratching posts then hold a fairly large rounded roost that is more stable than most and can hold a cat that is up to 25 pounds. You could also get this is a larger size that has more platforms and posts, some with a built-in toy(s) and even one with a ramp for smaller or older cats.

You may have to get a few loose screws from the hardware store, though, since it is a little common that the kit does have a screw or two missing from the package.


  • Comes in multiple styles/sizes.
  • Is ideal for 1 to 2 cats.
  • Is ideal for cats of all ages and sizes.


  • May need to buy screws.
PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post Kitten Sisal Scratcher Tree with Cat Tracks Cat Toy Balls

This is one of the few posts out there that only has a single scratching post out there, but that is because it comes with more than several posts.

On the one side of the square base, where the post is, there is a three-tier ball ring for your cat to hit and chase around the post. Then, at the top of the post is a string and puffball with feathers that they can smack while they stand on the raised platform on the opposite side of the base.

Because of the design, and the fact that it does not come in other sizes and styles, this is really more suited for a single cat, but if you have two that like to share, this is still a good option.


  • Comes with built-in toys.
  • Are made with eco-friendly material.
  • Is ideal for cats of all ages.


  • Has only 1 seat and post.
Catry, Cat Tree Hammock Bed with Natural Sisal Scratching Posts and Teasing Feather for Kitten (Version 2)

This is one of the few posts that has a colored rope base, but that is the newer version of the model which comes in a very light cream/white color; the older version comes in a regular cream color.

Like most models, the base is square with the posts (2) in the corner, except this model's first platform is a fabric that is attached to the posts by elastic bands. Then, the one post leads up to a circular roost with a feather toy hanging down to entertain the other cats below.

Altogether, it is a little over 2 feet tall and nearly a foot and a half wide. You might find that kittens like it, especially the fabric hammock, but it can be a little harder for older cats to get in or out of the hammock.

Still, it is one of the more affordable options for multiple cats.


  • Has a built-in toy.
  • Can seat 2 to 3 cats.
  • Is ideal for cats of all ages.


  • Can be difficult for larger cats.
AmazonBasics Cat Condo Tree Tower With Hammock Bed And Scratching Post - 16 x 20 x 16 Inches, Grey

The last on the list, this model is fairly similar to the last one in terms of design, but it only has a single platform with a hammock instead of 2.

It is also one of the few that you can get with just a tall post by itself with no platform at the top and is one of the most affordable models.

You can get either design in gray or beige, and because it is a little over a foot and a half tall, it can be great for kittens or senior cats to use. The hammock is also a little bit tighter than the last model, making it easier to get in and out of.

However, heavier cats may find it more difficult to get or stay in since the whole thing is so light that if a heavier cat (at or around 25 pounds) jumps into it, it can tend to wobble or fall over, possibly hurting them.


  • Is affordable.
  • Can seat 1 to 2 cats.
  • Is ideal for cats of all ages.


  • Can be difficult for larger cats.

Top Pick

Picking which of these is the best based on the size, quality, and lifespan is fairly easy since the one that shines the most is the first product: the AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts.

AmazonBasics Medium Cat Condo Activity Tree Tower with Scratching Post Toy - 16 x 16 x 31 Inches

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Get Your Cat to Use a New Scratching Post?

There are a couple of easy things that you can do to transition your cat to use the scratcher instead of the furniture. Kittens are fairly intuitive to start using a scratching post, but it can take some time to teach them to stop scratching the regular furniture.

A good rule of thumb is to cover the furniture that you do not want to be scratched with a big, thick blanket that they cannot move or scratch through. If they keep trying to scratch it, you can also use a mister to deter them from the furniture or startle them with a loud noise.

The same can be said for cats, but if you want to lure them to the scratching post, you can show them how to use it by scratching your nails on it. If you try to pick them up and place them there, they might not feel comfortable around it anymore.

Some other tips you can use are putting it in the area of the house they are mostly around and are comfortable in or right by the furniture that they scratch. You could also spray the post with some catnip solution too.

What Material Works Best?

Most posts are made with either rope or a solid sheet of fabric, but the higher-quality posts that last a long time are generally the ones that are made with rope.

After a while, when the rope starts to fray, it can get scratchy and prickly to touch for both you and your cat. This is because of the rough fibers that get pulled out when your cat is using it.

However, a simple fix is to take a pair of scissors and cut off the long and painful fibers every few months or even every 6 months or so.

How Long Can a Scratching Post Last?

Depending on what type the material is, how it is built, and how often your cat uses it, a single post can last for as long as a few years to over a decade. Nowadays, though, most scratching posts are a series of two or more posts, though, meaning it can last even longer.

However, you will find that your cat will probably favor one post in particular, and if you have dogs or pet rodents, you may have to put it in a place where it cannot be knocked over or nibbled on by them since it will shorten the lifespan faster.

Final Verdict

It is one of the most durable, can withstand several cats at once, and can be a great way to pamper and distract your cat. If you want to see it or any of the other posts for yourself, click their links found above to see their exact specs and quality.

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