March 30, 2020

Cat Bowls Review

Cat Bowls

There are always several important accessories that you would probably want to purchase for your cat. Sometimes it is important to look at some of the basic accessories, and that is exactly what we are going to do today. We will be evaluating some of the best cat bowls that you can currently purchase from Amazon's website.

At first thought, you might be thinking that cat bowls are extremely basic and unimportant. This may be true in some cases, but there are also several situations where a high-quality cat bowl can come in handy. We will be looking at several premium cat bowls that you might be interested in purchasing.

There are also several important factors that you will want to consider before purchasing a cat bowl. The most important factor is to probably find a bowl that your cat is willing to eat from. Some cats might not be interested in a particular cat bowl, but there are some brands that are typically reliable and popular among cats.

Some pet owners might be interested in finding a cost-effective cat bowl with a nice style or theme. Other pet owners might instead prefer a basic design with simple design characteristics. In the next section, you will have a great opportunity to take an in-depth look at five of our best cat bowl recommendations, and many of them have already been praised from thousands of customers on Amazon.

Top 5: Cat Bowls Review

Our top overall selection are these Upsky Double Cat Bowls Premium Stainless Steel Pet Bowls. There are so many different reasons that these pet bowls have earned our top listing within this buyer's guide. It will take a little bit of time to go through all of these important reasons, but we can start off with the fact that they are extremely affordable. Thousands of customers on the Amazon marketplace have already purchased these valuable cat bowls for their pets.

Aside from the fact that they are extremely cost-effective and cheap, many customers will also appreciate the fact that these cat bowls are suitable for food and water. In fact, these bowls are integrated into a miniature cat station with two bowls. Most customers use one for their cat's water, and use the other for their cat food. You can absolutely use both for water or both for food, it really is completely up to you.

We should also discuss some of the customization options. While these cat bowls are restricted to one standard size, there are three stylish color variations available. Customers can choose from either Sky Blue, Rose Red, or Green Tea. All of these color options are vibrant, bright, and perfect for your household. The actual bowl interiors are crafted with premium stainless steel. They can easily be used in the dishwasher for cleaning purposes as well.


  • Three Vibrant Color Variations.
  • Extremely Affordable Price Range.
  • Crafted with Premium Stainless Steel.
  • Dishwasher Friendly for Cleaning.


  • Minor Durability Issues.
  • Vulnerable to Food and Water Spills.

We are thrilled to have the chance to take an in-depth look at the Kitty City Raised Cat Food Bowl Collection. This affordable set of cat bowls are extremely basic and simple, but they are also extremely popular because they are durable. A modern-pedestal design makes these bowls some of the most popular among pet owners. The elevated bowls also makes it easier for older cats to reach when eating or drinking.

These pet bowls are created with pet-safe plastic materials that are not hazardous. You will never have to worry about safety when using these Kitty City Raised Cat Food Bowls. The standard package comes with one white cat bowl and one gray cat bowl. Each bowl has a maximum capacity of six ounces.

Thousands of customers have written positive reviews for the Kitty City Raised Cat Food Bowl Collection. These positive reviews stem from the affordable price range, and the outstanding level of design quality. Many customers were also satisfied with the fact that these cat dishes can conveniently be cleaned inside of the dishwasher.

This may not be the best overall selection on the Amazon marketplace, but we do highly recommend this product to cat owners on a restricted spending budget. These cat bowls will certainly provide you with the best bang for your buck.


  • Extremely Affordable Price Range.
  • Elevated Pedestal Design for Easier Bowl Access.
  • Exceptional Customer Feedback.


  • Limited Customization Options.
  • Below-Average Durability.

A large number of customers might like these Y YHY Ceramic Raised Pet Cat Bowls. These are a little bit more expensive than some of our other recommendations, but they are crafted with a higher level of quality. The package comes with one water bowl and one food bowl for cats. The elevated design is highly-recommended for older cats to reduce leg and neck burden.

The capacity for each of these cat bowls is 12 ounces. That is plenty of room for a large amount of cat food and water. The specialized design of these cat bowls makes them more challenging to push over, even with curious cats that want to interact with their food bowls.

These Y YHY Ceramic Raised Pet Cat Bowls might be more appealing for customers that are willing to spend a little bit more money. These aren't super expensive by any means, but they are listed at a price slightly higher than the industry average. Most people don't plan on spending a lot of money on cat bowls, but these are still a great choice.


  • Large Cat-Themed Food Bowls (12 Ounce Capacity).
  • Dishwasher Compatible Design.
  • Premium Design Quality.


  • Slightly Expensive Price Range.

As we continue to proceed through our product reviews, we are starting to learn more and more about various types of cat bowls. We are now going to take a look at the HXN Double Cat Bowls Water and Food Bowl Set. There are two color variations available for pet owners to consider, including pink or blue. There is also an integrated automatic water bottle dispenser.

This particular cat bowl is probably most suitable for smaller cats. The main stainless steel food bowl is completely detachable and can conveniently be cleaned in the sink. No hazardous or toxic materials were used when creating these cat bowls, so you will never have to worry about your pet getting sick.

There is no doubt that this HXN Double Cat Bowls Water and Food Bowl Set is one of the best choices in the industry. This product serves as a solid alternative for pet owners to consider. This selection is also really affordable, but the automated water dispenser might be the most unique feature for this particular product.


  • Automated Water Dispenser.
  • Two Color Options are Available (Blue and Pink).
  • Cost-Effective Price Range.


  • Not Suitable for Larger Cats.

Amazon Basics has managed to crack the top-five on this list with their impressive Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser. Customers can easily select the product that they intend to purchase. There is also an optional bundled version that includes the cat bowl and the water dispenser in one package. There are also two separate size options available.

This product has received exceptional customer ratings on the Amazon marketplace. The affordable price range and impressive levels of quality are the factors that have earned this selection a placement within our product reviews. A generous one-year limited warranty is also included to everyone who purchases this item through Amazon.

There are many different reasons to consider purchasing the Gravity Pet Food Feeder and Water Dispenser from Amazon Basics. The large collection of customization options are extremely convenient, especially since users can pick and choose the items that they want. Customers can purchase either package separately, and they can also mix and match the size variations.


  • Several Customization Options (Bowl, Water Dispenser, and Sizes).
  • Outstanding Customer Feedback.
  • Limited One-Year Product Warranty is Included.


  • Minor Durability Issues.
  • This Selection is Most Suitable for Smaller Cats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Cat Bowls Be Elevated?

This is an extremely important topic that many pet owners may be completely unaware of. Elevated cat bowls can significantly reduce the physical efforts that older cats have to go through when bending down towards their food or water bowls. Older cats can actually injure themselves in some cases if their bowls are not elevated to a sufficient height.

While it may be rare for a cat to suffer an injury from bending down to reach their food bowl, it is worth the effort to purchase an elevated food bowl that reduces the physical stress and effort. One of the best elevated cat bowl selections in our review is the Kitty City Raised Cat Food Bowl Collection.

Can Cats Share a Food Bowl?

While it is entirely possible for cats to share a food bowl, the ideal situation would probably be for cats to have their own separate food bowls in different areas of the house. This makes the feeding process a whole lot easier for the cats, and it reduces the risk of cats stealing food from other cats.

Some of the products within this review include multiple bowls in their packaging. Instead of using one as a water bowl and one as a food bowl, you might want to use each bowl for one of your cats. If you have more than two cats, then you might have to purchase additional bowls from the Amazon product page.

Can Cat Bowls Be Cleaned in the Dishwasher Machine?

Many of the cat bowls that we have highlighted and discussed within this review are capable of being cleaned in the dishwasher machine. Our top recommendations for this purpose are the Upsky Double Cat Bowls Premium Stainless Steel Pet Bowls and the Y YHY Ceramic Raised Pet Cat Bowls.

Final Verdict

We have now completed our review through five of the highest-rated cat bowls in the entire industry. There are so many different factors to consider when searching through the catalogs on Amazon. Price range, customer feedback, and durability are three of the most important things to think about, but some pet owners might have specific criteria that they want as well.

There are several great selections to choose from, and one way that you can narrow down your options is to browse through the pros and cons. These pros and cons are quick summaries of each product, and they are included to help customers gain a swift understanding of each product. If you are looking for additional helpful information, then you might want to also look through the Amazon customer ratings.

It is now time for you to visit each of the Amazon product pages and make a final purchase decision. If the selection process is too difficult, you could always purchase more than one cat bowl from this list. It certainly never hurts to have a backup cat bowl in your household.

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