March 29, 2020

Cat Bed Reviews

Cat Beds

Whether you like to spoil your cat or you are trying to get them to stop sleeping somewhere they should not be, you may want to consider getting your furry pet a cat bed. Some are specially designed for them, and most cats fall in love with the right ones really quickly.

So, we put together five of the best ones that cats will use from day one that you can get today, along with some tips like how to get stubborn cats to use their new bed and more.

Top 5: Cat Beds Review

This is one of the most popular and favored beds among cats, and your cat would probably like it for one of the more unique features: it can transform from a cave to a pad and back since it is just fabric.

Compared to other pads, it may not be as supportive, and it is one of the more expensive beds out there. However, you do not have to worry as much if your cat is pretty picky since this is one of the most customizable beds out there and is one of the biggest caves, too.

You can get it in aquamarine, asphalt/aquamarine (marble-colored), dark grey (with light grey marble), light gray (with a tan base), and slate gray (with tan marble).


  • Is available in several colors.
  • Can be used as a cave or a pad.
  • Can fit most small and large cats.


  • Is one of the more expensive ones.

If you have an average-sized cat or kitten and are looking for an adorable cat bed that is truly one of a kind, then you may want to take a closer look at these beds.

Unlike many of the other cat caves out there, this bed does not just come in different colors, it is designed to look like different shapes and animals. You could get your cat a bed that is in the shape of a camping tent, flamingo, lamb, mermaid tail, and even a unicorn.

It is not as friendly for large/heavy cats, but it can be one of the more unique and cute choices if you have a few kittens or just one or two average-sized cats.


  • Comes in several designs.
  • Can fit most cats.
  • The pad can be removed.


  • Is not big enough for larger cats.

This is one of the more durable and versatile beds out there, especially for a padded bed.

It is made of a woven rope and shaped into either a round basket or a square one depending on which you choose while inside is a warm and thick blanket that is used for the padding.

This is also one of the better beds for large cats or even small dogs since it can comfortably hold a cat that is up to 25 pounds. Although, because of the rope material that the basket is made of, your cat will probably like to use the base as a scratching post every now and again.

Still, it can be better than them doing that on the carpet or furniture, and the rope is pretty durable, meaning the bed will still last a long while even if they do it every day.


  • Is one of the most durable.
  • Can come in a round or square basket.
  • Is ideal for cats and small dogs.


  • Cats may wear it down faster.

This is possibly on to the more versatile beds out there since it can be switched into several different types from a cave to a pad to a cup and to a pod. When it is in the cave or pad form, it can actually be big enough for two cats to squish on or in it together.

However, when in the cup or pod form, it may be a little bit of a tight fit depending on how big your cat is. On the other hand, this can be a great option for you if you are looking for a bed that is easily cleaned since the whole thing can be thrown in the washing machine.

Just make sure you do not put it in the dryer since it can misplace the stuffing inside of the bed.


  • Is one of the most popular caves.
  • Can be altered for the cat.
  • Is easily washed.


  • Is not dryer safe.

This is one of the more basic and highly-loved padded beds for cats or even small dogs.

It is also one of the few beds on this list that not only come in different colors (white, grey, and pink) but it can also come in two different sizes: medium for 15-pound dogs and cats and large for 25-pound dogs and cats.

If your cat loves fluffy and soft places to sleep, then they will probably fall in love with this bed since it is one of the most stuffed and made with a very soft faux fur material that is washing machine and dryer safe; making it one of the more convenient padded beds to clean.


  • Can come in several sizes and colors.
  • Is machine and drier safe.
  • Has a non-slip bottom.


  • Bottom material is a bit frail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Cat Bed Should You Get?

There are a few different types of cat beds out there: caves, pads, and the ones in between; they are sort of like caves and pads. Caves are exactly as they sound while pads are similar to a dog bed, but a little more suited for cats.

If you are unsure about what kind of bed your cat would like, think about and watch their sleeping habits. Do they sleep out in the open or somewhere hidden? Do they like to sleep in a tight space or have plenty of room?

Typically, most cats like to stay hidden, making the cave beds more favored by popular opinion. So, if you cannot seem to find your cat or if you cannot tell which sleeping style they prefer, you can play it safe and get them a cave bed.

How Can You Get Your Cat Used to the New Bed?

First, you may want to try introducing the bed to your cat so that they can see what it is, smell it, and get used to it overall. Try not to put them on or in the bed. Instead, place them in front of the bed, a few inches away, and let them do their own thing, even if it is running away from it.

If you keep trying to put your cat on/in it or even beside it, they can naturally become afraid of it; kind of like a cat carrier. So, just show them that it is there, in plain view, and then let their curiosity or lack of curiosity take over.

After a few hours, take the bed and put it either in their favorite sleeping spot or close by their favorite sleeping spot where they can clearly see it. They may not use it right away and begin sleeping somewhere else, but let them acclimate to it being in the home.

If, after a few days, you notice that they are not using it, try placing their food bowl next to the bed when it is time for them to eat; to draw their curiosity out. If all else fails, putting a few cat toys in it may get them to go in, but if not, you may have to try a new bed.

How Should You Clean Your Cat's Bed and How Often?

Most beds, even the caves, have a washing-machine-safe pad that can either be thrown directly into the machine or the pads' case can be taken off and thrown in so that you can minimize the amount of shredded hair floating around.

Otherwise, take your cats' bed when they are not using it, make sure they are not watching you, and use a vacuum hose to pick up most or all of the loose hair. Sometimes, they may not want to go near the bed if they see you with the vacuum around it.

You can do this as often as you want, but if you have a short-haired cat, you may not have to do it as often as you would if you had a long-haired cat, depending on how often they shed and how much they shed.

Cat Sleeping Habits & Info

Cats are one of the world's most popular pets, yet not everyone knows everything about these curious creatures.

You have probably heard about the term catnap, but did you know that the term originates from the sleeping habits of actual cats?

Cats can spend a significant amount of their time asleep throughout the day. While it may not appear interesting at first sight, there are quite a few tidbits of knowledge that are worth consuming regarding this behavior.

Top Facts And Information About Cats Sleeping Habits

There are many things to be fascinated with when it comes to the sleeping habits of cats. Cats can spend a significant chunk of their life fast asleep.

Why do cats sleep this much, and what do we know about the sleeping patterns of cats?

How Much Sleep Is It Normal For A Cat To Get?

It is normal for a cat to spend a lot of its time asleep. In general, most adult cats will spend upwards of 20 hours a day asleep. If your cat spends about two-thirds of its time sleeping, then this is totally normal.

If you have a cat that sleeps significantly less or a cat that sleeps substantially more than normal, it could signify that something abnormal is happening.

Is The Sleep That Gets Different From The Sleep That Humans Get?

Cats have sleep patterns that resembled the same types of sleeping patterns that are found in humans. The two main styles of sleep that have been discovered in cats when they are studied using brain scanning technology are REM sleep and non-REM sleep.

REM sleep is the deepest part of sleep, and it will be when you can tell that your cat is dreaming if they have dreams. For the cat to enter into the deepest stage of REM sleep, they must pass through several stages of non-REM sleep beforehand.

Are Some Cats Deep Sleepers?

Most cats will not be a very deep sleep or even when they are in the middle of heavy REM sleep. Even when they are in their deepest sleep, the instincts of a kitten keep them primed and alert.

Most cats will be able to react within just a few moments to any kind of sudden stimuli. This was a leftover trait from back when cats had to survive on their own in the wilds.

When Do Cats Spend Most Of Their Time Sleeping?

Most cats spend their daylight hours asleep and will be more active once the sun has set. This is another behavioral trait that is leftover from the time when cats were predators in the wild.

Wildcats would be more active during the early hours of the day and the evening hours. This is when they would get up and start going out on the hunt.

Cats are more attuned to the alighting conditions present at dawn and dusk than they are in the middle of the day. This means that they can see the best at dawn and dusk, which is hugely beneficial for hunting prey.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

There are competing theories as to why cats spend so much of their time asleep. It does seem to play an important role and the process of learning.

If cats are interrupted when they are trying to sleep, it will be difficult for them to learn new tricks according to scientific studies. Another hypothesis is that during sleep, the body of the animal can repair itself.

This is essential for the growth of the newborn animals and is also important for maintaining the body throughout the animal's life.

What Factors Can Affect Your Cat's Sleeping Habits

There are plenty of factors that can affect the sleeping habits of your pet. Sometimes you may find that your cat will go to sleep as soon as it begins to rain.

Some people are the same way and will fall asleep at the sound of rain. If you look at your cat behavior over time, you will probably be able to find a few quirks regarding their sleeping behavior.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Sleeping Too Much?

If you believe that your cat is sleeping too much, then you are likely just overreacting. Most cats spend upwards of 16 or even more hours of sleep each day. If you believe that your cat is sleeping too much, it will be easier to tell by looking at their behavior when awake.

If your cat does seem to have very low energy, it could be a sign that they have some kind of problem and need to see a vet immediately. As long as your cat is active and seems healthy and in a good mood when they are awake, you do not need to worry about how much they are sleeping.

Cats Still Have A Very Sharp Senses When They Are Sleeping

People are usually rather dull once they fall asleep and will not react to very much of anything. Cats, on the other hand, will still be rather alert when they are asleep.

In particular, they still have a very developed sense of both smell and hearing. This lets them detect any potential prey that walks by or any potential predators that come near them when they are asleep to react quickly.

This is important because cats do spend so much of their time asleep that if they were defenseless when they were asleep, it could lead to big problems in the wild.

Cats Will Adjust Their Schedules To Meet Their Owners

Most cats will have a natural sleep schedule that makes them more active when the sun rises, and when the sun is setting. Yet most cat owners will month report that their cats follow this type of sleep schedule.

Research seems to indicate that most cats will adjust their schedules to fit their owners' schedules so they can be alert and awake when their owners are home and awake. If you find that your kitties are extra alert when you are around, they have such a strong bond with you.

Cats Are Crepuscular Creatures

Cats experience to sleep in several stages, and they are more likely to sleep when the sun is up. When a cat lays down to go to sleep, they normally fall asleep very quickly.

They go into the first stages of sleep, which are non-REM sleep. Then they will drift off into a deeper state of sleep before reverting to the previous stages. Once they have completed their sleep cycle, they would normally rise and be active again.

 Cats do this kind of cycle multiple times throughout the day. These cycles start to speed up whenever it gets close to dawn and dusk. Cats are naturally the most biologically active during the day that we associate with Don and dusk.

Final Verdict

The MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave is possibly the best out of all of these beds since it is one of the largest, most environmentally friendly, loved by nearly every cat to use it, is customizable, and can come in several different colors, too.

If you want to see the different colors for yourself or compare it to some of the other beds on this list, click their links to go and check them out.

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