February 26, 2020

Snake Bedding Reviews

Snake Bedding

Snake bedding is an important thing to purchase if you plan on owning a snake in your household. We are going to swiftly browse through Amazon's extensive catalog of products to find the most affordable and high-quality snake bedding selections that you can currently purchase.

We are going to analyze several factors, including customer ratings, price range, and overall size capacity of the snake bedding packaging. We also believe that a reliable brand reputation can go a long way towards ensuring that you are purchasing a sufficient bedding product for your snake.

This buyer's guide will include five unique product brands that you might want to consider. We will also be adding the pros and cons of each product within the review section. This information is specifically included to help you to narrow down your brand options.

With that being said, we are now ready to move on to the review section. Before we start, we also want to remind you to take a look at the FAQ section following the product reviews. We will be answering some common customer questions in that portion of this buyer's guide to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the industry. We are now going to start the review section by taking a look at our top selection, which happens to be the premium Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding.

Top 5: Snake Bedding Review

Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding 8 Quarts

Our top choice was the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding brand because it has several different packaging options, as well as an excellent customer reputation. This snake bedding is crafted from a renewable resource, and it is extremely simple to clean and maintain over time.

There are hundreds of positive reviews on the product page. These positive reviews focus on several of the positive aspects of this brand. The affordable price range and convenient packaging options are probably two of the top reasons that there is such a positive reputation for this Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding.

You will probably struggle to find a cheaper product within the industry. This snake bedding is affordable for just about any customer, but it also doesn't sacrifice quality or value for any reason. Amazon has also endorsed this product because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback.


  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain.
  • Several Packaging Options Available (6 Sizes).


  • Nasty Odor Comes from this Bedding.
Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Bedding Substrate for reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates

Our second product choice will feature the high-quality Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Bedding. This premium bedding material automatically breaks down odor and waste products to make it easier than ever to maintain.

This particular Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Bedding is a little bit more expensive than some of the other products on this list. The higher price point likely relates to the fact that the packaging is larger than most traditional sizes. Customers have an extremely positive outlook towards this particular brand, and that is certainly one of the main reasons that we have recommended it to our readers.


  • Large Packaging Size.
  • Premium Snake Bedding Material.
  • Automatically Breaks Down Odor and Waste Products.


  • Only One Package Size Option Available.
Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding, 8.8 Litre

This Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is crafted with 100% natural cypress mulch. The all-green natural products that were used within this bedding material are part of the reason that it is so positively viewed by customers. There are hundreds of positive ratings because of the premium floor bedding design that focuses on enhancing a snake's living experience, as well as making it easier for the owner.

There are several size packaging options available to choose from on the product page. All-in-all, we certainly recommend this Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding to our readers, especially if you are looking for a reasonably priced brand.


  • Reasonable Price Range.
  • Crafted with 100% Natural Cypress Mulch.
  • Outstanding Customer Feedback.


  • Only One Package Size Option Available.
Zilla Snake and Lizard Litter, Aspen, 8 qt.

As we continue to progress through this product review section, we are continuing to learn about various brands of snake bedding. For our fourth product selection, we are going to be looking at the Zilla Snake and Lizard Litter. This premium snake bedding brand offers three different size options to customers on Amazon. The hypo-allergenic bedding material contains no harmful oils, and it focuses on being ultra-absorbent.

This is considered to be a top-tier premium snake bedding, and because of that fact, it happens to be a little bit more expensive than some of the choices on the Amazon marketplace. Even still, this Zilla Snake and Lizard Litter is a great choice and many customers should strongly consider this brand before finalizing their purchase.


  • Three Package Sizes are Available.
  • Hypo-Allergenic Snake Bedding.
  • Exceptional Brand Reputation.


  • Slightly Expensive Price Range.
Critters Comfort Coconut Reptile Bedding Organic Substrate - Fine, 21 Quarts

Our final selection for this product review is the Critters Comfort Coconut Reptile Organic Bedding. This snake bedding can also be used for other reptiles, including lizards, iguanas, turtles, and frogs. The odor control was a primary focus with this particular snake bedding, and that is certainly one of the reasons that customers appreciate it. The non-toxic materials eliminate odors swiftly, without using toxic ingredients.

This snake bedding is certified to be safe for any type of reptile that is listed on the packaging. The price range is a little bit higher than you might want it to be, bu the premium odor control characteristics are one of the reasons that you might have to pay a little bit more than you wish.


  • Exceptional Odor Control.
  • Crafted with Non-Toxic Ingredients.
  • Ideal for All Types of Reptiles.


  • Slightly Expensive Price Range.
  • Only One Size Option is Available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Bedding for a Snake?

There is no singular answer when discussing the varying snake bedding brands that are available to purchase on the Amazon website. We base our product reviews around an in-depth analysis of each brand. This review includes five of our top selections, and within each review, you will learn why it has earned that specific placement.

Some snake bedding brands focus on eliminating odor, while others focus on providing great value to the customers. You will have to figure out which focus is most important to your specific needs, especially before finalizing your purchase decision.

Fun Facts About Snakes

Snakes live on every continent in the world except for Antarctica. The reptile happens to be one of the most feared animals in the world. Most of the fear toward snakes is unwarranted, merely resulting from a lack of knowledge of the reptile.

Ophidiophobia is the medical term used to describe a person who fears snakes.

Bees kill more people each year than bees!

Of the more than 3,000 species of snakes, only 600 of them are venomous and only 200 species can seriously injure or kill a human. This does little to comfort the fear most people have over snakes.

The odds that a person will encounter a deadly snake are very slim. There is a greater risk of developing cancer or heart disease. Evenstill, learning facts about snakes offers comfort and peace of mind for people of every age.

Types of Snakes

About 70 snake species live in the ocean. Many other species live in other bodies of water, including rivers and lakes.

Some snakes can fly. They’re called Chrysopeliea, but are not venomous. Only five species of snakes can fly, information that should further ease your mind.

What Do Snakes Look Like?

Snakes do not have arms or legs. Instead, they have long, slinky bodies that slither across the ground and other surfaces. A snake can easily fit into small spaces and can climb walls, appliances, and fixtures.

Snakes have scaly bodies, similar to other reptiles. The scales aren't for appearance purposes, but instead help reduce friction so the snake can freely move around. The scales serve a secondary purpose of keeping the snake free from harmful parasites that accumulate on its skin.

Snakes shed their skin about once per month. Snakes continue growing throughout their lifetime, but the skin does not. Snakes shed so they grow new skin that fits their larger body.

Venomous and Non-Venomous Snakes

Snakes are found both on land and in water. Venomous and nonvenomous snakes both occupy these areas.

The Water Moccasin, or Cottonmouth snake, is one of the scariest living in water. The Cottonmouth snake has very toxic venom that breaks down its victims blood cells, preventing clotting. Death in humans, however, is extremely rare.

The nonvenomous snake kills its victim by swallowing it alive or constricting them to death. Venomous snakes, of course, inject a poisonous venom into the victim that immediately paralyzes, injures, or kills them.

Deadliest Snakes

Fear not a deadly, venomous snake. The odds that you’ll run into a venomous or deadly snake is very unlikely. Nonetheless, learning the deadliest snakes in the world keeps hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, kids, and others safe.

The venomous King Cobra is one of the longest venomous snakes in the world. It’s venom is strong enough to kill a snake in a matter of a few hours.

The Black Mamba doesn’t attack humans unless it is provoked, thankfully, since it’s extremely potent venom can kill a human victim very quickly. This snake is noted as one of the deadliest snakes in the world. The Mamba is also one of the fastest snakes in the world, traveling at speeds of up to 12MPH.

The Boomslang snake is another deadly snake living in Africa. It chews its victim until the venom toxins finally cause death.

What do Snakes Eat?

Almost all snakes eat their food whole. They can open their mouths 150-degrees, allowing easy consumption of most prey. Snakes are known to take large portions of food at once.

Snakes unhinge their jaws in order to consume their prey whole. They cannot bite their victim! However, snakes can consume prey that is as much as 100x larger than itself.

Snakes are carnivores, but their diets widely vary from species to species. Some snakes consume animals such as rabbits and birds while others prefer meals of rodents and insects.

Snakes don't eat as often as other animals. The length of time a snake can go between meals varies from one species to the next. Some species can go as long as three or four months without a meal.

Pythons regularly consume alligators and other large reptiles when hungry.

The amount of food a female snake consumes determines the number of eggs that she'll lay. The Arafura snake eats very little food and as result, lays only one egg per decade.

The Most Common North American Snake

The Garter snake is the most common snake found in North America. The snake is commonly mispronounced as a garden snake. It is non-venomous and actually protects gardens and lawns from pests.

Caring for Young

Most snakes do not take very good care of their young after the eggs hatch. The exception is the King Cobra.

King Cobra snakes are thought to be among the most intelligent of all snake species. They take care of their young very well. King Cobra snakes defend their young against most predators.

A Day to Honor Snakess

World Snake Day takes place in July of each year. This special day is set aside to teach people more information about snakes to help prevent the fear that so many have. Many events and educational seminars take place on World Snake Day to honor this reptile.

Move Over, Boys

The flowerpot snake consists of only females. The snake species does not need a male to reproduce!

A Deadly Bite

A snake can accidently inject itself with venom and die. It is a rare occurrence, but nonetheless possible. Many incidents of snakes injecting themselves with venom have occurred throughout history.

Snake Island

Iiha da Queimada Grande, or Snake Island, is a small, 43-hectares island off the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. The island sits approximately 23-miles from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The island is known for its heavy population of snakes and as being the deadliest place in the world.

Closed to public access due to the number of snakes inhabiting the island, it is estimated that one snake lives every 5-meters on the land. The Brazillian Navy may access the island. The public closure is done to protect humans and to help preserve the snake population on the island.

Predator Defense

Snakes have many ways to protect themselves against predators. One of the strategies is by pooping whenever it wants. By making itself dirty and smelly, predators tend to avoid the snake.

Another line of defense that a snake uses against a predator is regurgitation. When snakes feel threatened, they'll regurgitate their food so that it can quickly escape the threat.

Two-Headed Snake

A two-headed snake is real, although very rare. Known as a dicephaly, a two-headed snake is a disorder that affects one out of every 100,000 snakes in the wild. It is unknown what causes a snake to grow two heads.

The two-heads on the snake share the same body, but they’re not as close as you might suspect. If hungry, the two heads will fight one another!

Decapitated Snake Heads

Chopping off a snake’s head is the best way to kill a venomous creature about to strike. But, the head is still deadly once it is removed from the body. In fact, some snake heads can transmit their venom for several hours after removal from the body.

Anaconda, Baby

The heaviest snake in the world is none other than the 600+ pound Anaconda. The venomous Anaconda can grow up to 30-feet long. The Anaconda regularly consumes pretty much like jaguars and caimans.

Snakes Can Burst

Speaking of big, if a snake consumes too large of a meal, it can burst open! It is currently unknown why this happens, though video evidence proves that it is true.

Snake Fight

An East African farmer had the fight of his life in 2009 after accidently stepping on a 12-foot python. The snake coiled around the man and carried him into a tree. He prevented the snake from swallowing him by wrapping his shirt around its mouth.

The man finally called for help when he reached his cell phone in his pants pocket. He was then rescued by police officers after the reptilic standoff.

A Rare Snake

The St. Lucia racer is the most endangered snake species of the more than 200 endangered snake species. It is estimated that only 18 to 100 of this snake species still exists in the world.

Snake Death 101

Around 40,000 people die from snake bites each year. Some experts estimate the numbers to be closer to around 100,000 deaths per year, but are not all reported. More people die from snake bites in India than in any other country.

What's for Dinner?

In some countries, snake is considered a delicary. Cantonese people have consumed snake for more than 2,000 years. Snake soup is one of the most popular menu items featuring the reptile.

Final Verdict

We are now going to conclude this product review, but before we finish, it is important to go through a final summary of everything that we discussed. You will probably want to narrow down your choices by looking through customer feedback, as well as the pros and cons of each product.

There is also important information available on the packaging, which can be found on the product page for each brand. All of this information will be extremely important, and we highly recommend that you consider all of it before finalizing your selection.

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