February 24, 2020

Fishing Kayak Reviews

Best Fishing Kayaks

If you are looking for a new way to catch some fish but do not have regular access to a fishing boat, you might want to take a look at a fishing kayak. They are smaller, easy to use, and can be great for river or lake fishing.

It can be hard finding ones that are just the right size and have the right amount of storage that you need, so we put this list together of some of the best fishing kayaks between size and quality that you can find.

Top 5: Fishing Kayaks Review

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 11 Foot Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak with Adjustable Hero Comfort Seat & Transducer Port + Rod Holders + Storage + Rudder System Included (Hunter Camo)

This is one of the few kayaks out there that has a foot-controlled rudder system, and you can use it to control where you are going whether you are using a normal paddle or you have attached a trolling motor to it; neither of these are included with the kayak, unfortunately.

The 11-foot long kayak can also come in several colors including hunter camo, blue camo, orange camo, smoke camo, and even galaxy. There are two dry storage hatches (on in the front and one in the back and a back area with a bungee cord that you can use to store a bag or pack.

Depending on your size, there is also some room to attach a cooler to the back of your seat or in the middle of the leg area, too. Be careful about what you want to put behind the seat, though. Like most fishing kayaks, that is where the rod holders are.


  • Comes with rod holders and a transducer port.
  • Has internal and external storage.
  • Has a rudder system.


  • Is more expensive than most.
Elkton Outdoors Auklet Sit On Top Fishing Kayak, Multiple Sizes. with SmartTrack Rudder Steering System, Aluminum Paddle, Rod Holders and Dry Storage Compartment

This kayak is a little bigger than the last one, 12 feet, and it comes with a paddle. It does have a little bit less internal storage than the last model, but it is big enough to mount and hold several bags and coolers.

This model also has rudder controls in the feet, but the grip on them is a little weaker than the last model, making it easier to lose your footing and slip. It comes in a camo color, but you can choose between brown and green.

This does have the same number of active rod holders, but it also comes with 4 vertical rod holders that you can use to store some extra rods in case you lose or break one.


  • Comes with rod holders and a paddle.
  • Has internal and external storage.
  • Has a rudder system.


  • Rudder controls can get slippery.
Lifetime 90806 Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak - 2 Pack (Paddles Included)

If you are looking for an affordable 2-pack, then you may want to take a look at this model since it is one of the few out there that has as much storage as it does for being a 10-foot kayak.

There are two dry storage compartments, one in between the legs and one behind the seat, and two holders with elastic bands. It also has two vertical rod holders and an active rod holder along with a paddle, too.

Because of all of these features, this is one of the most cost-efficient options if you and your partner are looking to take up this hobby/sport.


  • Comes with rod holders and paddles.
  • Has internal and external storage.
  • Is cost efficient.


  • Is slightly more fragile.
SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Boss SS Sit-On/Stand On Top Angler Kayak (Grass Camo, 12.3-Feet)

This is one of the few sit-on and stand-on kayaks out there, and because of that, it can be out of stock fairly often. However, the quality cannot be beaten when it comes to the size and storage.

It has side storage for inactive rods, 2 vertical holders, an active holder, front compartment and elastic band storage, and rear elastic band storage. There can also be plenty of room for more coolers/bags in front by your feet.

It is one of the larger sizes, too, being around 12.3 feet long which explains the extra storage.


  • Is longer than average.
  • Has plenty of internal and external storage.
  • Can be stood on.


  • Folding and unfolding the seat can be awkward.
Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 9 Foot Angler and Recreational Sit On Top Light Weight Fishing Kayak (Wildfire) with Paddle and Seat

If you are a beginner, then this smaller-sized kayak (9 feet) is a good option for you, especially if you are smaller and do not plan on spending much time fishing.

There is still plenty of room for rods and storage, but you may have to get a seat cover that has more padding. The padding on this seat can be a little too thin for most users, especially after a few uses when it gets flatter.

The kayak can come in 3 different colors: Wildfire, Moss camo, and Jam Berry. It can also be one of the lighter models, and it is easier for one person to carry safely without dragging or dropping it while launching it.


  • Has several rod holders.
  • Is one of the shorter models.
  • Has a good amount of storage.


  • The seat can be a bit uncomfortable.

Top Pick

The best kayak for you out of these five would probably be the first one: the Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 11 Foot Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak. You can get it in several colors, it has one of the highest storage and weight capacities, and can practically be used by anyone regardless of size.

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 11 Foot Angler Sit On Top Fishing Kayak with Adjustable Hero Comfort Seat & Transducer Port + Rod Holders + Storage + Rudder System Included (Hunter Camo)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Sit-On Kayak?

A sit-on kayak is one that does not cover your legs in any way; you just sit on it. Some are designed so that you can also stand on them too, but depending on where you live and/or take your kayak, there may be laws against doing that.

Most fishing kayaks are sit-on types because they allow for more room for storage, coolers, backpacks, and whatever else you want to bring onboard. Because they are designed to carry more, you can expect them to be more expensive than a sit-in model.

What Size Should You Get?

You should always try to get a kayak that you can sit comfortably in, reach the foot holders, and one that you are strong enough to paddle for as long as you are planning to fish.

For those of you who have never used a kayak, even if you work out, it can still give you extremely sore arms after just half an hour. You may not think about it and what to get a larger-sized kayak so that you can hold more fish, but the heavier the load, the harder it will be to paddle back.

The shorter ones are usually around 9 feet long or so while the longer ones are at or above 11 feet.

What Usually Comes with a Kayak?

Nearly always, a kayak will come with one or two paddles and whatever is built into it. Some of these extra features are fishing rod holders, paddle holders, and bungee cords for storage.

It can be a little rarer to find a kayak that comes with all the necessary accessories needed for kayak fishing, so you may have to look around for a kit or whatever pieces you may still need for your next trip.

Final Verdict

Feel free to click the links above to get a better idea of what you are looking for in a fishing kayak whether it is for you or someone you care about.

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