October 23, 2019

Best Ferret Cage Options

Best Ferret Cages

Ferrets are fun-loving and energetic creatures that love to explore! What they love also is napping. You will see a ferret sleep for hours curled up in all sorts of awkward positions. They provide endless entertainment and fun for pet owners. They will have you laughing and in awe with every encounter

But what is important is having a cage that suits the needs of these adorable critters. They need both an adequate amount of exercise and rest. The enjoy both things immensely. So, how can you be sure to give them the environment they need?

Let's see what the top 5 picks are for best ferret cages.

Best 5: Ferret Cages Review

MidWest Deluxe Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage (Model 182) Includes 2 leak-Proof Pans, 2 Shelves, 3 Ramps w/Ramp Covers & 4 locking Wheel Casters, Measures 36" L x 25" W x 62.5" H Inches

This (Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage) is perfect to house your ferret friends. It is a multi-level two-tier sturdy cage that gives them plenty of exploring space. If for any reason you need to close off one of the two stacks, you can close off one and keep your pet in the other.

This comes in handy if you want to keep them in the cage while cleaning. This cage gives them four levels and platforms to venture on. The design is perfect for hanging hammocks and other toys to give your ferret sleeping and playing options.

MidWest Deluxe Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage (Model 182) Includes 2 leak-Proof Pans, 2 Shelves, 3 Ramps w/Ramp Covers & 4 locking Wheel Casters, Measures 36" L x 25" W x 62.5" H Inches

There is a rack for storage on the bottom of the cage. For each tier, there is a slide-out leak-proof pan to catch waste or debris. This makes for easy cleaning. The enclosure comes on wheels, helping you to move it into different areas effortlessly. Each level comes with two latched doors which open to the entire with of the cage. This provides direct access to the interior.

The cage is highly durable with measurements of 36"L x 25"W x 62.5"H. It is built to last. There are internal ramps that help your pets get quickly from level to level. This helps navigate during play as well. The design of the interior also helps to prevent falls or injury due to its winding paths. There are no straight drops from the top to the bottom, keeping them safe.

This cage includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Safe, multi-level space for playing.
  • Easily cleanable.
  • Perfect for toys and hammocks.


  • It may be too large for certain spaces in the home.
Living World Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Ferret Cage - X-Large Deluxe Hutch

This (Living World Deluxe Habitat) cage is a space-conscious choice. It is perfect for a singular ferret and can be kept quite easily in many areas. It has a simple one-level design.

There is a raised platform with a place for a stationary food dish to have a space designated strictly for meals away from the rest of the cage. There is a cubby underneath the platform for hiding and sleeping.

There is a forward-facing door as well as a top-latch door so that you can choose the easiest way to access the cage. It is made of a wired top as well as a 5.5" deep pan for bedding.

You can easily hang hammocks or toys from the wired areas of the enclosure, giving it a different dimension and providing activities. Since it is not a multi-level cage, adding accessories is a great way to break up the empty space and it will give them something to do.

The measurements for the cage are 46.9" L x 22.8" W x 24" H providing an adequate amount of space for your ferret.


  • Deep pan to keep bedding and waste contained.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Able to be stored on floors or higher platforms.


  • It is a single-level cage reducing space for play.
AmazonBasics Large 3-Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box Crate Kennel - 36 x 22 x 51 Inches, Black

This (AmazonBasics Large 3-Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box Crate Kennel)cage provides a 3-tier space for lots of room for ferret shenanigans. It is a perfect space to fill with toys, hammocks and other activities to keep them occupied. 

This is a smart choice for super active ferrets, as it gives them lots of exercise room. If you have multiples, this will be an adequate area where they can all have room for themselves as well as time to snuggle with each other.

AmazonBasics Large 3-Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box Crate Kennel - 36 x 22 x 51 Inches, Black

This cage comes with a large, leak-free pan on the bottom of the cage to prevent messes. It slides out for cleaning purposes, making it a breeze to get to. There are three separate platforms zigzagging up the cage. The design folds down in a compact fashion to be stored or transported with no difficulty.

It is made of hardwearing wire measuring 35.8" x 22.4" x 50.6". The bottom comes with wheels to make it moveable for trouble-free relocation.


  • Has 3-tier multi-level design for maximum play.
  • Is easy to fold and move.
  • Is perfect for added toys and beds.


  • The openness can cause injury if a ferret falls.
Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home, Dark Gray

This (Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home) cage is suited for an individual ferret. The cage has a platform and ramp to provide some multi-level feel. This promotes healthy exercise and utilizes the space of the cage.

It is a wire cage with a strong plastic base. The case comes together in an easy snap design with no additional tools required. You can hang accessories in the cage for sleep and play.

The measurements of the cage are 32 ½'' L x 19'' W x 17 ½'' H. it comes with two doors both on the side and on top. The plastic bottom has a depth of 6 ¼".


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is affordable.
  • The extra deep pan prevents debris on the outside of the cage.


  • This should not be used for a full-grown ferret, as it is smaller than recommended.
Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story Ferret Cage | XXL| Ferret Cage Measures 29.5L x 31.5W x 63.4H - Inches

This (Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story Ferret Cage) adequately sizable cage comes with all you need for your ferret! It is a large space ideal for accessories, hammocks, tunnels and other hangable toys.

It is perfect if you have more than one ferret but is also a great choice for an individual as well, as they need all the space you can give them! It comes with two-tier sections. Each has its own hard plastic pans to hold in litter and make for easy cleanup. 

It also comes with all the necessities you will need as a starter pack! It has a litter pan, water bottle, food dish, play tunnels, ramps, and three platforms. It also comes with a hammock for snoozing. This is a great bargain for anyone who is new to ferret keeping and is an added perk for someone who already has them!

Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story Ferret Cage | XXL| Ferret Cage Measures 29.5L x 31.5W x 63.4H - Inches

It comes with three access doors- two on both levels and one on the top. You can get to any area of the cage this way difficulty-free. The measurements of the cage are 29.5" L x 31.5" W x 63.4" H making an extremely efficient area for exercise, play and sleeping.

The company also has an 800 number to contact with questions or issues.


  • Very spacious for singular or multiple ferrets.
  • Comes fully equipped with needed starter supplies.
  • Has a warranty and support service.


  • Does not come with starter pack of food.

Buying Guide

Choosing which of these five options is the right choice for you will greatly depend upon your needs. If you are a singular ferret owner, any of these options would be sufficient. You will want to take into consideration if this is a long-term home and if you plan to ever have a friend for your ferret.

Best Ferret Cage

The more space you have for your ferret, the happier they will be. This makes the Ferplast Ferret Tower the best value. Not only does it come with a warranty, plenty of needed space, and many needed accessories, but it also leaves room for growth or change. It is definitely the biggest bang for your buck.

Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story Ferret Cage | XXL| Ferret Cage Measures 29.5L x 31.5W x 63.4H - Inches

If you are unable to get your ferret out of its cage for regular exercise you will want to be sure they have multi-levels so that they can run out some energy while enclosed. They are a hyper animal typically and will need either plenty of out-of-cage exercise or room to do so within their home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Does a Ferret Cage Need to Be?

For the size of a ferret cage, the bigger you can buy, the better. Every animal wants to have lots of room to explore, especially one as playful as a ferret. However, the minimum for a pair of ferrets would be 20 inches long and 20 inches deep. Getting them out for frequent exercise is also advised.

What Do Ferrets Need in Their Cage?

In their cages, ferrets need access to stationary food and water dishes. They also need a sleeping area and benefit greatly from hanging hammocks. It is advisable to litter train ferrets as well. Having a litter box specifically for caged animals in their preferred bathroom corner is essential. This helps clean up as well.

Should I Cover My Ferret's Cage at Night?

This is all up to the owner. You can cover your ferret's cage if you feel it helps them calm down or sleep better. However, it will be up to you and your ferret. If it is a benefit, you absolutely can. If not, there is no direct need to add a cage cover at night.

Ferret Care Tips For Beginners

Newbies and Rock-Solid Pet Ferret Care Strategies to Consider

Countless individuals the world over keep dogs and cats as pets. That doesn't mean that there aren't an abundance of other animals that are frequently seen in households everywhere, however. If you're a fan of adorable polecats, then the idea of keeping a ferret as a pet may seem more than appealing to you. If you're brand to the dazzling universe of pet ferret ownership, then you should do your best to master the art of proper grooming and care, zero exceptions. You should never even think about dismissing the value of routine ferret care sessions.

Give Your Ferret Suitable Lodging

If you're unfamiliar with the world of ferret care, you should probably concentrate on living spaces prior to doing anything else. It's critical to give your ferret appropriate accommodations. You should look into all of your choices in spacious and durable wire cages. It's not just vital to get a cage that has ample space on its side. It's just as vital to get one that's nice and secure. Since ferrets have penchants for checking things out, you don't want to risk your pet being able to flee the cage. Pay close attention to any cage doors.

You shouldn't get a glass enclosure for your pet. Fish tanks aren't fitting lodging options for ferrets. That's because they do not offer ferrets adequate amounts of ventilation.

The majority of cages are equipped with a couple of separate tiers. You may be able to include a hammock inside of one. Ferret cages often have huts that are made out of wood. They in many cases have dimmer areas that are conducive to rest and relaxation. If you have multiple ferrets, you don't have to shy away from allowing them to live in harmony alongside each other. They're social creatures who revel in being together. Just make a point to establish distinct bed areas for specific ferrets. If you're thinking about bedding for a ferret, then a towel should work well. T-shirts and blankets can work, too. You should wash any towels, T-shirts or blankets no less than weekly.

It's critical to clean ferret cages frequently. You can clean your ferret cage once per day. If you're unable to do it that often, strive to clean it about three or four times per week, instead. The more ferrets you have, the more frequently you should clean the living space out. It's imperative to opt for a cleaning product that's suitable for ferrets. You may want to swap out the litter and bedding.

Take Care of Litter Requirements

You should approach litter with all of the care in the world. Invest in a litter box that's compact enough to work well within the cage. You should put aspen shavings inside of it. If you do not have those kinds of shavings, that's fine, too. Old newspaper can do the trick. Never put pine or cedar shavings inside of your ferret's litter box. These things can do a number on their respiratory tracts. If you're looking at litter for cats, don't even consider using clumping or clay options. That's because ferrets may consume them. Make a point to clean out the litter box each day.

Be sure that you put your ferret's cage in a part of your home that makes sense. Opt for a silent section of your residence. You should maintain a temperature that's anywhere in the range of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit if at all realistic.

Empower Your Ferret to Groom Himself or Herself

There is no disputing that ferrets are innately clean creatures. They generally meticulously groom their fur by themselves. If you want to encourage your pet ferret to cleanse his or her face, then you need to invest in a bowl. Fill the bowl up with water. Although ferrets depend on water for face cleaning purposes, they're a lot like felines when it comes to other parts of their bodies. Their body grooming practices are similar to those that are associated with cats.

Zero in on Occasional Bathing Sessions

It's okay to bathe your pet ferret once in a while. Despite that, you should never go overboard in the bathing frequency department. You should bathe your ferret once monthly. You should resist the urge to bathe your ferret more than two times monthly. That's because bathing has the ability to extract the oils that are naturally present inside of ferret coats. If you reduce these oils, then your ferret's body may make up for it by manufacturing additional amounts. This can intensify ferret odor. It can lead to ferret skin dehydration as well.

What makes occasional bathing a good idea for people who own ferrets? Baths can sometimes help ferrets that have fleas that have been bought on intense itchiness. They can sometimes help ferrets that have skin that's excessively dry as well. You should utilize shampoos that are suitable for use on pets. Utilize water that's warm for baths, too. If you need suggestions for shampoos that are appropriate for ferrets, then you can ask your veterinarian if he or she can refer you to any products at all.

Ferrets are similar to many other animals out there in that they have ears and eyes that are particularly delicate and prone to issues. That's the reason that you should avoid ferret faces during any and all baths.

Although ferrets are famously clean, people link them to fusty body smells. Bathing doesn't get rid of these smells permanently. Note, too, that smells tend to be particularly intense in ferrets that have not been fixed.

Put Time Into Your Pet Ferret's Ears

You should never forget about your pet ferret's ears. These animals' ears are vulnerable to the collection of wax. That's the reason that you should go above and beyond to thoroughly clean them routinely. You can clean their ears using a cleaning formula that's appropriate for pets. Mild options tend to be fitting. It can help to get your hands on a little cotton wool. If you use cotton wool in conjunction with a mild cleaner, you should be good to go.

Clip Your Pet's Nails

If you want to keep your pet ferret feeling and looking fantastic, then you should prioritize occasional nail clipping sessions. It can be smart to search for clippers that are made for human use. Look for a compact pair if at all possible. Compact clippers tend to be ideal for ferret care applications.

Comb Your Ferret's Coat

Ferrets are a lot like many other animals in that they shed once in a while. They shed two times annually without exception. Ferret owners should comb these weasels when they shed. Doing so can extract any fur that may no longer be in place.

Brush Your Ferret's Teeth

Teeth brushing sessions aren't exclusive to the human world. Responsible ferret owners make a point to brush the animals teeth once a month without exception. Some owners brush their teeth two times each month. If you want to brush your ferret's teeth safely and without issue, you should search for a brush that's up to par. It may be a terrific idea to concentrate on toothbrushes that are designed for cats. It may be just as terrific to get a toothpaste that was made exclusively for pets, too. Ferrets tend to respond well to toothpastes that have flavoring.

Feed Your Ferret a Nutritious and Balanced Diet

Ferrets are like all other animals in that they benefit from consuming healthful diets that are geared toward their specific health requirements and bodies. Don't feed your ferret a diet that's random. These polecats have to get significant levels of fat and protein. They're serious carnivores that have fast metabolisms. Since they're carnivorous, they consume animals. You should just say no to the temptation to give your ferret lots of sugars, carbohydrates and fibers. You can even consider not giving him or her any sugars or carbohydrates at all.

A balanced ferret diet should revolve around pellets. You should opt for highly regarded pellets that are dry. Dodge pellets that are centered around fish. Why is it critical to do so? Fish just isn't a part of the natural ferret diet.

It can be wonderful for ferret owners to showcase a broad range of food options to the animals while they're still impressionable and young. That's because doing so may stop a ferret from taking on picky eating styles. Note, though, that not all foods are good matches for ferrets. You should never feed your ferret dairy items, vegetables or fruits.

Ferrets appreciate snacks. If you want to present your deserving ferret with a delicious treat, you can try a little morsel of meat. It can help to make sure that the meat is warm in temperature, too. You can sometimes give your ferret fruits that have subtle tastes. Go for fruits that aren't part of the acidic classification. You shouldn't feed your ferret any citrus fruits.

Ferrets need to be able to get clean water regardless of the time of night or day. Present your ferret with a bowl that only has clean water inside of it. If your ferret relies on bottled water, that's totally fine, too. Just do what you can to swap out the existing water with brand new and clear stuff. It can help to do so every single day of the week without exception. Room temperature water is optimal for ferrets.

Ferrets and Entertainment

Ferrets are critters that are fond of gnawing on items. They frequently swallow these items, too. That's the reason their owners have to invest in resilient toys that are devoid of tiny parts. You don't want to run the risk of your ferret tugging on anything and removing it for good. Toys that consist of materials such as plastic, latex and rubber should be on your "off-limits" list. You should aim to set up a play zone that's safe for ferrets. Conceal any openings that go into the walls. Obstruct areas that are in the back of cabinets. Do away with any and all household appliances. If you notice anything that your ferret may be able to break and ruin, take it away.

Ferrets are animals that adore being in the company of human beings. That's why you should strive to interact with yours for a minimum of 60 minutes daily. You should even think about maybe keeping numerous ferrets in your care. If you have multiple ferrets all together, then they won't become bored.

Physical fitness is essential for all ferrets. You need to see to it that your ferret gets adequate exercise day in and day out. Do not keep your pet inside of his or her cage round-the-clock. When you allow your ferret to exit his or her cage, supervision is of the essence. Never allow your ferret to go anywhere even close to potentially hazardous wires. Conceal any little holes that they may be able to get inside. If you see any openings below windows or doors, take care of them right away.

Think About Sunlight

You should never maintain a ferret in direct sunlight. Ferrets thrive in places that are cool. They thrive in places that get lots of shade, too. High temperatures are in many cases big concerns for people who have ferrets. If you suspect that you have a scorching hot day ahead of you, you should assess your ferret's status frequently. It may even be a smart idea to blow a fan directly into his or her cage.

Give Your Ferret Veterinary Care

It's crucial for ferrets to get full physical examinations annually. Some owners opt to get their ferrets full exams two times annually, too. You should set up an appointment with a veterinarian who has a lot of knowledge that pertains specifically to ferrets. You should zero in on a number of preventive measures as well. Ferrets should get yearly rabies and canine distemper virus vaccinations. They should get yearly stool examinations in the event that they have parasites. It can even help to get ferrets ear mite assessments.

Fleas and heartworm can wreak havoc onto ferrets at all times. That's why owners often use flea and heartworm preventive treatments all throughout the seasons.

Since owners should brush ferret teeth regularly, it's no shocker that these creatures get a lot out of dental care as well. Your ferret should get a thorough teeth cleaning session yearly.

Regular blood tests are imperative for ferrets. It can help to assess their fasting glucose amounts, too.

Ferrets are similar to some other animals in that they're vulnerable to certain medical problems. Adrenal gland disease is a big example. It's not unheard of for people to give up ferrets who have this condition. Note, too, that not all ferrets that are given up have health issues. Some people choose to let go of ferrets that exhibit behavioral concerns. Some ferrets do a lot of biting others.

What are some other health issues that are frequently seen in ferrets? Ferrets that take in random items may have gastric woes. Ulcers aren't at all atypical in the animals, either. Ferrets often get diseases that involve the pancreas.

If you own a ferret that's been around for a minimum of two years total, then it may experience adrenal gland disease. The origins of this medical condition are not yet confirmed. If a ferret has adrenal gland disease, then he or she may start losing some hair. This loss is especially noticeable on their shoulders, hips and tails. Veterinarians utilize surgical procedures as a means of taking charge of adrenal gland disease. Surgery can extract adrenal glands. Hormone therapy is yet another treatment option.

If you have taken in a ferret that's on the elderly side, then he or she may be vulnerable to something that's called insulinoma. Insulinoma, in brief, is a kind of pancreas tumor. It's one that triggers the manufacturing of immoderate levels of insulin. If you have a ferret who has insulinoma, then or she may fall to the ground seemingly out of nowhere. The animal may stay on the ground for just a few minutes. He or she may remain on it for hours and hours on end. Ferrets that have particularly intense insulinoma problems sometimes experience seizures. If a veterinarian wants to stop a ferret's insulinoma from advancing so rapidly, he or she may test out drugs. Steroid prednisolone is a kind of drug that may help ferrets that have the condition. Veterinarians often talk to owners about surgery, too. The aim behind surgery is to do away with pancreas sections. After ferrets go through these treatment courses, drug therapy may be essential.

If ferret care is new to you, don't be afraid. If you're detail-oriented, you'll pick up the art of ferret care in no time.

Ferrets generally stay alive for anywhere between six and 10 years total. It's important to understand that your pet may be part of your universe for quite a while.

Final Verdict

If you are just starting out with a baby or young individual ferret, getting a singular floor cage would be a good place to start, but eventually you will need expansion.

Be sure to consider all aspects when making your final decision.

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