February 25, 2020

Bird Seed Reviews

Best Bird Seed

This buyer's guide is going to be focused on finding some of the best bird seed products that you can buy from Amazon's platform. There are several different factors to consider, but the most important thing is to find affordable birdseed that is worth the price.

We have used customer reviews, brand reputation, and other similar product information to create a list of products that we feel are most appealing to customers. You will have the opportunity to compare each of these selections in the review portion of this post. We will also be including a brief bullet-point list of pros and cons for each selection. This information should help you with your product selection.

The goal of this post is to eliminate the tedious and frustrating product search. By providing you with some high-quality bird seed products in this review, you will be able to immediately begin comparing your options, instead of having to search through dozens of pages on Amazon to find what you are looking for.

It is now time for us to shift our focus to the review section. We will kick off this section by taking a look at five high-quality birdseed products, and our top selection will come first.

Top 5: Bird Seeds Review

Recommendation #2

Kaytee Wild Bird Food Black Oil Sunflower - 5 Lb


Wagner's 62059 Greatest Variety Blend, 16-Pound Bag

Many customers might be interested in this Wagner's Greatest Variety Blend of Bird Seed. There are multiple size options available that range from as little as a 6-pound bag, all the way up to a 32-pound bag. The most popular option is the 16-pound bag of birdseed that comes with over 11 different ingredients.

This birdseed can be fed within either a hopper or a platform feeder, but regardless of what you choose to do, it is likely that you will immediately notice a difference when compared to other similar bird seeds. The affordable price range plays a major role in the value of this brand, but there are also thousands of customers that have left a positive review to help and propel this brand's reputation.


  • Exceptional Customer Feedback.
  • Affordable Price Range.
  • Multiple Bag Size Options.


  • Inconsistent Bird Seed Quality.
Kaytee Wild Bird Food Black Oil Sunflower - 5 Lb

Kaytee Wild Bird Food is an extremely popular choice on the Amazon marketplace, and there certainly is a high demand to purchase this sunflower birdseed. This is one of the most popular food types that birds are interested in eating. This five-pound bag is extremely affordable and cost-effective, especially when compared to other similar brands of birdseed.

Hundreds of existing customers have already left their positive feedback towards the Kaytee brand. The good news is that the affordable price range allows you to try this bird food out for yourself, without having to spend a whole lot of money in the first place.


  • Extremely Affordable Bird Seed.
  • Large-Capacity 5 Pound Bag.
  • Outstanding Customer Reviews.


  • Only One Size Option is Available.
Pennington Pride Waste Free Blend Wild Bird Seed

Our third product selection will focus on the Pennington Pride Waste-Free Wild Bird Seed. This exceptional brand of birdseed is known for attracting a large variety of birds, including cardinals and chickadees. This bird food is compatible with several types of bird feeders. It contains sunflower chips, as well as several crucial vitamins and minerals that will promote bird health.

Only one bag size is available, and that capacity clocks in at an impressive 10 pounds. For the asking price, customers will have a tough time finding a better product to feed their local birds.


  • Cost-Effective Price Range.
  • Contains Crucial Vitamins and Minerals to Promote Bird Health.
  • Compatible with Bird Feeders.


  • Only One Bag Size is Available (10 Pounds).
Lyric 2647440 Fine Tunes No Waste Bird Seed Mix, 15 lb

We are now ready to shift our focus towards the Lyric Fine Tunes No-Waste Bird Seed. This impressive birdseed is available in two primary sizes, including a five-pound bag or a larger 15-pound bag. This hand-crafted premium mix of birdseed is ideal for customers that want to attract a large variety of local birds.

This bird seed brand contains up to six different nutritional ingredients to promote bird health. This bird seed brand is not recommended for domestic birds, but it could be an ideal choice for local wild birds that show up in your yard to eat from your bird feeders.


  • Two Size Options Available (5 Pound or 15 Pound Bags).
  • Contains Nutritional Ingredients.
  • Hand-Crafted Premium Mix of Bird Seed.


  • Slightly Expensive Price Range.
Harvest Seed & Supply 12868 Songbird Wild Bird Food, 10-Pound

We have finally reached our fifth and final product to review within this post. It is time to take an in-depth look at this Harvest Seed & Supply Songbird Wild Bird Food. This bird seed brand contains sunflower seeds, peanuts, and several other nutritional seeds that will appeal to wild birds.

Customers can be assured that this high-quality bird seed brand is compatible with dozens of different bird feeder devices, and customers have tons of great things to say in the customer review section of the Amazon product page.


  • Two Size Options to Choose From (8 Pound or 10 Pound Bag).
  • Contains Nutritional Seeds like Sunflower Seed.
  • Compatible with Bird Feeders.


  • Doesn't Attract All Types of Birds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bird Seed Brands Attract Birds?

We have selected five of the highest-rated products on Amazon to try and fill this list of reviews with products that are certified by customers. Wild birds might start showing up in your yard when you choose to use these birdseed brands in your bird feeder.

One of the reasons that Wagner's Greatest Variety Blend of Bird Seed is so popular with customers is because it is specifically designed to attract multiple varieties of birds and keep them coming back for more bird seeds.

Final Verdict

We have finally reached the concluding portion of this product review. We have covered a lot of different details, but the most important thing is that we have made it a little bit easier for you to narrow down your birdseed options.

There are five reputable brands to consider within this product list, and these insightful reviews should be able to help you conduct your product search. It might be helpful for you to visit each of the Amazon product pages to view some customer ratings to gain even more information. We have also provided the pros and cons of each product within each product review.

16 Fun Facts About Bird Seeds

The warm-blooded vertebrates known as birds are beloved members of society. Comprising the Aves class, birds represent a wide variety of types and provide lots of fantastic facts. Here are 16 fun facts about the ostrich, the chicken, the mockingbird, and more.

1. The Ostrich is the Largest Bird in the World

Of all the birds in the world, the ostrich, found mainly in Africa, is the largest. It grows to between seven and nine feet, taller than a six-foot man, and weighs between 220 to 350 pounds.

The bird lays the largest eggs of all the birds in the world. Although it cannot fly, it has the fastest maximum running speed of any bird at approximately 60 miles per hour. A kick by an ostrich is powerful and can kill a man or a predator, such as a lion.

2. The Chicken is the Most Common Bird in the World

What is the most common bird in the world? It's the chicken! Did you know that 60 billion chickens are farmed for food every year?

Even though many people eat chicken every month, this bird is quite smart. For example, they have excellent memories and can do things like solve puzzles. According to World Animal Protection, they can also recognize up to 100 different human faces.

Another example of their intelligence is their ability to communicate with one another. Chickens do this by at least 30 different calls they use with one another.

3. Some Birds Lay Green or Blue Eggs

When we buy eggs in the store, they are typically white or various shades of brown. However, did you know that some birds lay eggs that are different from these colors? For example, the Ameraucana and Araucana chicken breeds lay green and blue eggs!

According to Angelo Capparella, associate professor at Illinois State University's School of Biological Sciences, varying egg colors is a mystery in some cases. Still, there are some concrete reasons, such as camouflage against predators and protection against ultraviolet light.

4. The Penguin is the Only Bird in the World that Walks Upright.

The penguin, found in the Southern Hemisphere, is the only bird in the world that walks upright. It's a bird that can swim, but it cannot fly.

There are 17 species of penguins. You will not find penguins in the Arctic, but you will find them in Antarctica. However, did you know that Antarctica is home to only four of these species?

Also, it's a misconception that penguins are food for polar bears. They are not. Polar bears are found in the Arctic, not Antarctica, and do not eat penguins.

5. The Kiwi Bird is Blind

Kiwi birds, found in New Zealand, are blind. So how do they hunt for food? They do so by smell. It's the only bird with nostrils at the end of its beak, giving it a strong sense of smell.

The mainly nocturnal kiwi bird has tiny wings, but it is a bird that can't fly. It's loose feathers feel like fur, and unlike other birds, these feathers will molt throughout the year.

When the bird comes out at night, it looks for grubs, insects, fallen fruit, earthworms, etc. In addition to using its keen sense of smell, it also feels and hears its way around.

6. The Mockingbird Can Imitate Lots of Sounds

When a human is "mocking" someone, he or she is usually doing it as a joke or in a mean way. However, it's in the innocent nature of a mockingbird to imitate a wide variety of sounds of other birds and animals.

There are 17 different species of mockingbirds. They are found in a variety of places, especially the Galapagos Islands. Unfortunately, the mockingbird is an endangered species.

7. Pigeons Were the Equivalent of "Radios" During the World Wars

During the 20th-century World Wars, there were no reliable methods of communication developed by humans. Therefore, the pigeon served as a method to transport communication from the fronts.

These pigeons were called carrier pigeons and were used in every American branch of service. For example, they were used to keep commanders up to date on what the enemy was doing.

The National Archives has an extensive collection of messages delivered by these carrier pigeons. These pigeons not only faced hardships, but they also saved American lives.

8. The Peregrine Falcon is the Fastest Bird in the World

There are some speedy birds in the world. The fastest one is the peregrine falcon, found across the globe, whose name comes from the Latin word peregrinus meaning "to wander." It can fly as fast as 242 miles per hour, and they can dive as fast as 200 miles per hour.

The use of pesticide Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane or DDT caused the peregrine falcon population to decline to the point that it was considered endangered. However, after the pesticide was banned in the 1970s, the falcon's population increased, and the species was removed from the endangered list.

9. The Flamingo Eats With Its Head Upside Down

We're all familiar with the pink flamingo. Did you know that the only way that it can eat is with its head upside down?

The pink bird is so beautiful, we love to re-create its image on a wide variety of places such as in paintings, on hats, on tee shirts, and as lawn ornaments.

The flamingo gets its pink feathers between one to three years of age. These birds rarely lay down, and they sleep standing up, usually on one leg.

10. A Woodpecker Can Peck Up to Twenty Times a Second

What do woodpeckers love to do? Peck, of course. Did you know that a woodpecker can peck up to twenty times a second?

There are approximately 180 species of woodpecker. They often peck tree bark for insects and peck holes in deadwood for nesting.

In fact, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, woodpeckers spend their whole lives in trees. They go up and down the trunk of trees looking for insects. Some woodpeckers also feed on fruits, berries, and sap.

11. The Rarest Bird in the World is the Spix's Macaw

Unfortunately, some species of birds are severely endangered. One of the most endangered is the Spix's macaw, also known as the little blue macaw, a parrot native to Brazil's forests. According to Animalia, this bird is the rarest parrot in the world.

The Spix's macaw is no longer found in the wild and is found only in captivity in zoos, mainly in private collections. They are nearly extinct due to the illegal pet trade, a restricted range, and the bird's killing.

12. The Albatross Can Soar for as Much as Six Hours Without Moving Its Wings

The albatross, one of the largest flying birds, flies, but it can also soar for as much as six hours. It can weigh up to 22 pounds, and its wingspan can reach up to 11 feet, making them feathered giants.

These birds are long-lived, up to 50 years, and are rarely seen on land. When they float on the sea's surface, they are susceptible to being attacked for food by ocean predators.

13. The Owl Can't Move Its Eyes

You're familiar with the eyes of an owl. However, did you know that an owl can't move its eyes?

Owls, of which there are 19 species in the United States, have tubular eyeballs. They, therefore, rotate their head 270 degrees, which allows them to get 360-degree vision.

Owls are nocturnal and have powering hunting skills. Unfortunately, a third of the owl species in the United States has declined, and they are on the endangered list.

14. Vultures Have Highly Corrosive Stomach Acid

The 22 species of vultures rarely eat live animals. They consume dead flesh, garbage, and sometimes they even eat excrement.

Part of a vulture's system is highly corrosive stomach acid. They can decompose solid bones within 24 hours.

They can go for long periods without food, so if they find a dead carcass, great. If not, they can survive for a long time until they do.

15. Parrots Can Live For More Than 80 Years

If you want to have a life-long pet, you may want to consider a parrot. A parrot can live for more than 80 years.

Parrots consist of more than 350 birds. These include macaws, lovebirds, cockatoos, Amazons, etc. Popular pet companions include macaws, parakeets, cockatoos, American parrots, and more. The longest-lived is the sulfur-crested cockatoo.

16. The Australian Pelican Has the Longest Bill in the World

Whether you call it a beak or a bill, some birds have large ones. For example, the Australian pelican has the longest bill of all the birds in the world of approximately two feet.

You can see the Australian pelican around the coasts. It's large bill also has a large throat pouch. Also, pelicans have large wings and large wingspans.

We hope you've enjoyed these 16 fun facts about this variety of birds. As you can see, they are fascinating creatures to learn about.

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